Monday, December 29, 2014

December 17 2014

And she successfully made it home.
What a beautiful day this was.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - December 8, 2014

I'll Be Home For Christmas (:


Guys, I am literally freakin out. Like it's not even funny how much my insides want to explode. 

I think God knew i needed to chill out so He blessed me with some kind of cold. I had a pretty good fever of 100.6 all day and most of the night, I had an achy body and a sore throat and a stuffy nose. So Sister Passey said to sleep it off.   I feel a lot better now but my insides really want to explode. That was yesterday that I stayed home all day so i missed all seven hours of church..But oooohhh was it needed. 

Aside from being sick, here is what happened this week:

We had our Trainer/Trainee meeting at the North Stake Center which was awesome because i got to reminisce from when i served in the north (:  That took up most of our day because its forever away from where we live so we did a lot of driving that day. (Mom, you'd be impressed with my driving skills, lots of practice) 

Funny that you should mention Oreo Truffles.. I made a huge batch of them for the Ward Christmas Party and they were a hit!!  Everyone loved them and it was just great fun (: 

The leaves here are finally starting to change color a little bit. We were driving to Connie's house (a less active lady) and there was this random patch of yellow trees!! So we stopped and took pictures of them by the bridge (: 

Then we had District Meeting, which is always really enjoyable and needed (:  I love all the missionaries in the whoooooooooole world. What a sacrifice!!!

Then we went and saw the Knoll's and they had baby kitties!!!! I hope you know i'm most likely going to beg you for one when i get home. A wittle kitty wiff its wittle eyes and wittle paws! awhhhhhhhhh someone needs a home for Christmas!!! (: hehehe

Then we got a referral from a member to go visit their neighbor, Rose.   So we went over there and she was soooo sick. I don't know what she had but she literally seemed soooo miserable. So we gave her our number and told her we'd come back after she got some rest. Poor lady! I hope she is feeling better!

So yeaaaahhh that's whats been goin on ovah here!  Besides me packin my all the stuff i've collected, and getting a hair cut (: 
and visiting with members to tell them thank you And i found out Hailey is engaged? like whaaaat?!??  Awesome!!!!

Things are crazy. And i expect they will continue to be crazy, even after i get home. But i have a lot of comfort knowing that you will be there with me every step of the way. 

That's about it (:   I love you all soooo very much. And i'll be seeing you soon. Literally..

Okay bye. <3

The calendar says it's Christmas time...

But in Arizona it's more like fall.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - December 1, 2014

They Call Me Oreo Lover

Oh hey guys (: 

Whew, talk about a fattening week!! I ATE SO MUCH FLIPPIN FOOD. it was awesome. y'all would be proud. haha

So here is a rundown of our thanksgiving. 

At 10:00am the Epperson's took us to Golden Corral.. oh my gosh, hilarious right?! It was so funny and surprisingly PACKED. there was a line out the door and weaving through the cars. all you can eat thanksgiving right? HAHAH 

so then we went over to Bishop Merrill's house (in Cienega ward) and we played this game called Corn Toss, which i will for sure teach y'all when i get home! in the summer time though.. haha can't really play it in the winter. and then i ate lots of ice cream, no pie though because well, i don't really like pie. and then we went to the Tanner's and they had made me a whole pie for myself.. but it wasn't a regular pie, it was The Pie of All Pies: OREO CREAM PIE. I've eaten the whole pie already. hahaha whoops. then we went to the Bingham's and had a turkey sanwhich with cranberry sauce (: YUM!!
Needless to say, I ate a crap load of food and i am so satisfied. 

There's really not a lot to tell about this week because everyone and their dog was out of town.. we tried a lot of people and knocked on a lot of doors but there wasn't a lot of success. 

I did get your letter though mom (: i got it on saturday!! AND I LOVED IT!

Tell Eliza i say HELLO!!!!! 

I am so anxious and excited to see everyone! 
But i still have 17 days to find someone who needs christ in their life. 

I love being a missionary, i love this gospel and i love my savior. 

have a great week y'all. 
love always, Sister Walker

Sister Charles caught her first lizard.  She is now official

This is the face missionaries pull when an investigator cancels on them (ha ha just kidding)

Christmas Saguaro instead of a Christmas Tree - This is how they do it in the AZ

December 1st and it's just barely fall in AZ.  

Our cute Sister Walker - Doing the Tucson Mission proud!

Not sure about the monument - but it's a cute picture of Kellee!

Cute Sisters

But first --- Let me take a Selfie.  What cute girls!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - November 24, 2014

23 Days and I'm Not Counting

Literally though, i'm not counting. 
I think everyone and their dog is counting except for me. 
Without fail i get a text every day from Elder Mora who so kindly reminds me how many days i have left.. punk. hahaha
I seriously cannot wait for you to meet all the people i have become so close with. Friendships that will last forever. SO COOL MAN!

Remember those adorable little pumpkins you sent me last autumn? Well on Saturday we drove down to Tucson and visited some sisters down there.. low and behold, THEY HAD THE PUMPKINS!! I had left them in Campbell ward like over a year ago and they were still there!! So you should know, that all the cute little decorations you have sent me, are being used by missionaries all over the mission!! HAHAHA

Let me tell you a little bit about my sweet companion Sister Charles!
I have to make fun of her because it's just tooooo funny..
She says the darnedest things.. for example:
"This moisturizer does Piddley- Squat!"
"Awhhh look at the little buckaroo"
"WHAT? How rude! I should have kicked him in the gizzard"
HAHAHAHA oh my gosh, she is a hoot.
She seems to be adjusting really well to mission life!
I have loved training her and getting to be her best friend! (:

So funny story, we get a phone call Saturday evening around 5:00 and it's the 1st councilor in the bishopric from Cienega ward. These are his words, "Sister Walker, You are going to hate me.. but we need you and Sister Charles to speak in sacrament meeting tomorrow morning about gratitude." I was like, "Brother Bingham.. you're going to have to do better than that!! I've somehow managed to go 17 months without talking in sacrament meeting, what else have ya got?" He scrambled for words and replied, "Anything, I am desperate! I will buy you ice cream! I know how much you love it. How does that sound?" I casually accepted and that next morning as I stood in front of the congregation I started off by saying, "I guess I should be grateful for this opportunity because Brother Bingham had to bribe me by promising me ice cream afterwards!!" Everyone chuckled and nodded in agreement, because they all know that i just can't deny ice cream. (Daddy taught me good) It actually turned out really well and I was able to bare my testimony on families and the sacredness of the temple. It was a cool experience and i wasn't even nervous!! Prep for my homecoming i guess!

This week has been kinda slow. We managed to teach 15 lessons though, which is great for this area. The Lord is preparing this area for success which is so incredible to see. Slowly but surely the Lord is blessing us with opportunities to plant seeds and invite others to learn about our beloved Savior. This week we have like 5 Thanksgiving Dinners planned. I'm rather excited!! It will help me not miss y'all so much! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving (: And that you don't freeze too much! It's been in the 50s all week and i have been bundled up, FROZEN. I'm pretty nervous to come home to Utah.. where i will probably die. hahaha

I am so glad that you were able to meet Sister Barnes. She is a sweetheart isn't she? I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Please keep in contact with her :) And the Killpack's? That's awesome!! I can't wait to see them again! (: SO MANY PEOPLE I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE. And holy crap, Brendan is already home? That means only one thing.... TIME IS FLYING. Lots of exciting things ahead, and i am anxious to start this new adventure. I love you so much family. Please have a great holiday season and i'll be seeing you soon.

Keaton, WAY TO GO on your ballroom! That's incredible!
As for what i want to do when i get home, you were supposed to be keeping a list of things to do remember?
I'll be so overwhelmed that i won't even know where to begin, so you get to choose! HA

Well folks.
Be safe.
Keep warm.
Get excited.
And be ready for a hug of all hugs.

Love always, Sister Kellee Walker 

Sister Charles and Sister Walker 

I spy with my little eye...Oops make that big eye :)

Sister Walker and Elder Taylor - cheesing it up

Never any lines for these potties :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - November 17, 2014

Hey there family!! 
Here is a run down of my week!!

Monday: I spent all day with the Passey's. 

Tuesday: Transfer meeting. I met my new companion, Sister Charles. I got to see all my friends!!! :) :) and we got Sister Charles all settled and introduced her to both bishop's and stuff like that. 

Wednesday: My 17 month mark. I stuffed my gob with oreos to celebrate. Had an awesome lesson with a less active lady we are teaching in Cienega, Connie. Then we invited Dayton and Cindy to be baptized and Cindy flipped a brick about it. She said she is too set in her catholic ways and would never in a million years become mormon.. so we dropped her. SAD DAY

Thursday: We had District Meeting and met all the new missionaries in our zone, did a fun little role play and then had a picnic with our zone afterwards. Then we stopped by Dayton and Cindys on their request and cleared up some contention and reestablished our purpose and their expectations. Things are a little better now. 

Friday: We set a baptism date with Gayle!! YAY! Then we got a weird phone call from president Passey about Sister McQuire and her daughter passing. That was a little rough.. okay a lot rough but that's kinda been my whole mission so i'm used to it mostly. 

Saturday: We went to the stake bbq and i saw a ton of my friends from saguaro park ward and i ate a lot of great food and got so many left overs (everyone knows we are poor) hahaha then we went to a pie party that night and got a new investigator!! God is so good to us. 

Sunday: We got to go to the temple dedication for the Phoenix temple!! 2 temple dedications since i've been here!! HOW EXCITING!! 

Things are looking up guys, it's still hard as i assumed it would be..But my Savior is helping me every step of the way. 

I love you all. And i'm sorry this is so blaaah. 

Keep on keepin on (: 

Tell Sister Barnes i love her. 
And Sister Dredge (: 

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

Another Beautiful Arizona Sunset - 

Winter is coming to Arizona - Poor Sister Walker is going to freeze when she gets home next month.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - November 12, 2014


Hello family. 

i have been a flippin emotional mess. 
let me tell you all about it because in all honesty, i could use a hug from my fam bam right about now. 
so here we go. 

Transfers came and I no longer have Sister Huffman as my companion - Such a sad day.  She is like a sister to me and I will miss her very much. I have learned so much from her and  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father brought her into my life.  I know that we will always be very close friends and will stay in touch, but oh how I miss her.

Transfer calls came on Saturday evening and I've been asked to train again. I am super overwhelmed, but excited to end my mission strong.  Hopefully I can find peace through my Savior Jesus Christ and push forward. There are exciting things to look forward to, i know. My heart is just a wee bit heavy this week. 

My new companions name is Sister Charles and she is from Kentucky!  I really have enjoyed getting to know her and i hope we can have a great 5 weeks together!!

Time is flying. 
I am anxious for those hugs!!


Have a great week. 
Love always, Sister Kellee Jo Walker

Transfer Day - Already Missing Sister Huffman (Sisters and Friends forever!)

Sister Walker and her new companion - Sister Charles

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - November 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Baby and Happy Halloween

Wassss up my homies?
hahaha this week has been, interesting to say the least. i left my note book at home, so i'll probably forget some stuff, but that's what journals are for right?  okay so first of all.. 

Mom.. you need to know that i am NOT trunky AT ALL. I know why i'm here and i'll be here until they force me on that stinky plane. Even then, i'll probably still be all missionary weird. HA but really, i am focused. And the only reason i was doing all this college stuff was because you wanted me to.. but if you want me to wait.. then i'll wait. 

I had a cool experience though when i went on the UVU website! I couldn't remember my password so i went to the UVhelp chat thing and talked to this guy. I started off by telling him i was a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and that i would be coming home from my mission in December blah blah blah and towards the end of the chat after he gave me my password, he asked some SWEEEET questions about the church! I asked him if he would be interested in having the missionaries visit him and teach him more, he declined but i told him to check out and he said he would! WOOT WOOT missionary experiences everywhere you go!!

Also, that is insane crazy that so many people from our ward is coming home!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN! But yeah, that's really exciting. Tell eliza lou i say hello, when she gets home and give her a hugggggg.

As for this week, since i'm short on time, as usual.. i'll make a list.

I got my temporary temple card to go to the Phoenix temple dedication!  We had stake conference this weekend and on Saturday, all the missionaries in Rincon stake sang in front of EVERYONE and it was awesome. 

We also had a special broadcast from the first presidency for Arizona only and it was perfect. there were a lot of talks on families and temples. and don't even get me started on all the babies in the chapel. I WAS DYING. i can't wait to hold a baby. hahaha

Sister Huffman and I had a great great great lesson with our investigators Daton and Cindy. They are the greatest. Daton is super analitical and old. It's great, he's a hoot. Cindy is just crazy!! We found them in our former section in our area book ( I LOVE FORMERS) pretty sure that's where i've found half the people i've taught on my mission.   But anyways, so we have been teaching them about joseph smith and basically Daton thinks its a bunch of hokus pokus and cindy believes it so daton's like, "If my wife believes it, it needs to be true!!" So he's been reading the book of mormon with us and LOVES IT! It's so great. They don't have a baptism date yet, but holy cow, they are so prepared!!

For Halloween, we had a curfew of 6:00 so we went home, drank some dr pepper, ate some pringles, i played the piano for a good 2 hours, and had some good girl talk. Sister huffman is amazing. I love her so muuuuuuch!

Also, we find out Saturday about transfers.. DUUUUDE i am flippin. MY LAST TRANSFER? WHAT THE HECK YO?   But i'm managing. As long as you let me sleep in a little bit. 6:30 every morning for a year and a half.. woah. my bags can't get much baggier. you might have to start calling them suitcases.. hahaha oh i'm funny. 

Anywho.. this week was great. Lots of less actives lessons and tracting in the desert. It's the only way to do it!!  We also went mining today with our District! SO FLIPPIN SWEET!  This whole adventuring thing is addicting.

OKAY my time is up. But i love you.
Love always,
Sister Kellee Jo Walker

Companions and BFF's

Mining - Fun Times!

The mining crew :)

More Companion Pictures - Beautiful Ladies!

Happy Halloween from Sister Walker!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - October 27, 2014

Oh hey there fam bam. 

It's almost HALLOWEEN! Yay! 

What are ya'll dressing up as for Halloween? Hopefully something super rad. 
Also, Keaton's birthday is comin up pretty soon.. what are ya'll doin for that? 
I sent a package today for him so keep your eyes out for that 
& make sure he doesn't open it until his birthday. 

OH! and i think i remember you talking about meeting sister bishop's family when you went to the Killpack's homecoming..

well sister bishop asked me to be her roommate!! I'll have to think about it and figure all that out.. but we'll see. 
She is a super sweet sister and I wouldn't mind! She goes home in like 2 weeks!  As for Hawaii, I AM SO EXCITED! 

I think it's finally hitting me that I'm coming home.. And to be honest, i'm kinda flippin out. I'm trying so hard to be focused but man, I miss you all so muuuuch!  But even though i'm a wee bit distracted, the work rolls on!

We found a new investigator in Desert Willow ward named Manny!!  He had taken the lessons before and so he knew who we were!  But it was so funny because he answered the door and seemed really confused.. Then he started laughing and was all like, "Ohhhh Mormon girls?!?? I need to show my wife! This is too funny! Hohoho Hehehe Look honey! There are girl missionaries too!!" Then we had a good lesson with him and committed him to come to church! (:  But.. he didn't show up. So goes the life of a missionary.

Then we set 2 baptismal dates with Julani and her mom Julia (: They are investigators that we had been trying to get a hold of for a long time and never were able to But then we stopped by randomly and she was home!! So they have a date for November 22nd (:   Pray for their family!! 

Annnnd we had zone conference this week!!!  We got to watch the movie that the church came out with called Meet the Mormons!! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! Did you get to see it? If not, make sure you take time to go see it. And take some friends!  Maybe like Jerry and Colleen (: Get those silly people back to church!  

I also got called on again to give the 5 minute talk.  I am pretty sure it's an ongoing joke with the APs that they call on me every time. I've had the opportunity to be called on the last 2 zone conferences. YAY   Oh and mom, you will be so thrilled. Sister Passey made EVERY missionary get a mandatory flu shot. Now we are all going to get Ebola. HAHAHA jk jk i don't know anything about what's going on in the world.   It's kinda entertaining to get all the missionaries together and hear the newest rumors.. hahaha 

Anyways, my time is about up again.. Time goes to fast on monday's. I love you all so so so much!
And i am so grateful for this time i have to be a missionary& for all that i'm learning. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and I feel His love everyday. This gospel is true and I know it with all my heart. 

Have a great week! 
Love you lots. 

Love always, Sister Walker

Sister Huffman, Sister Walker and Julani (their investigator)

And this is what Missionaries do on Pday - Mud treatments are great for your skin :)

Sister Walker caught and other lizard.  This one is named Stevo.  Kellee is now the lizard lady :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - October 20, 2014

Another Week Closer

Hey fam bam (: 
What a crazy week yo. 

I got a letter from kylee this week and she filled me on Michalla's passing. I don't know what it is about people dying while i'm on my mission but it's emotionally exhausting. No one else better pass away while i'm out here, or I might just loose it. But it was so great for kylee to tell me all about her funeral and i felt very grateful that kylee went to the funeral for me. And she told me all about her wedding.. ahhh i was flippin out. 

As for this week, we've been trying really hard to get things rollin in Desert Willow ward and Cienega ward but it's proving to be difficult. But we'll keep tryin!! Sister Huffman and I are best friends!! I am so grateful for her. She is a convert of 2 years and she reminds me so much of Austins conversion story. She is great (: 

We got permission from President Passey to go with Cienega ward to the Gila valley temple on Saturday and HOLY CRAP it was so needed. I can't even explain to you how much I love it there. I can't wait to take you there one day! It's little and adorable just like the Oquirrh Mountain temple. You will love it. 

Well, I sure do love you. 
And i'll talk with you soon!!

Love always,
Bucket hea

Sweet Ride to the Temple

Sister Walker loves her bugs

Sister Walker and Sister Huffman on the temple grounds

Sister Walker loves her some rain!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - October 14, 2014

I am pooped out...literally

Hey there family.
This week was odd to say the least. I got freakin food poisoning from some old mayo.. 
Had a fever of 102.4 and everything that's included with your body trying to get rid of sick nasties.
That was on wednesday and thursday. Then we had car problems and we've been to the car shop in tucson 3 times this week.. Hahahah tis the life of sistah walker. 

Things are good now though (:  Sister Huffman is great & she took good care of me. 
And I got a blessing from elder Taylor. That was prime. 

I don't have a lot of time but just know that things are good and i am happy (: I'll be looking for your paaaaackage!!

Have a great week folks. 

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

Sister Walker and Chicken Little

Wow - what a beautiful moon!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - October 6, 2014

What a Random Week

Hey family!! These computers are killer slow..
So I don't have a lot of time after emailing president, but here is my week in a nut shell. (: 

We moved me into our new home in Vail.  And holy craaaaaap it's adorable. 
Members own the house and we live in a little side home. I absolutely love it to pieces.
We have our own washer and dryer and a nice amount of space (:

Elder Taylor is in my zone (: We won't get into that, but he's trouble. 
Best of friends in the same zone = PARTY
You're gunna really like him.

I DONATED BLOOD! (: Yeeee it was awesome. I was a little nervous but i asked the poor lady so many questions and holy cow.. it's so cool.

We visited all the ward council members in both Desert Willow and Cienega. And tried a whole crunk load of potentials and former's. They are teaching one person between both wards.. and i'm like, Buckle up!!
We already have a few people who are interested. it's just a matter of getting a hold of them.

General Conference was AWESOME!! It's like a holiday for every missionary. I loved every moment of it (: (:

Sister Huffman is amazing. We are already super close! She reminds me so much of Marciline the Vampire on Adventure time. Hahaha But really, I love her. I'm doing her follow up training and there's a lot of things her trainer left out, so I feel like i'm training a little bit. But I don't mind (: I love being a missionary (:

Things have been interesting!! I hope I have more time next week to tell you more.


Love always,
Sister Walker

 Sister Walker and Sister Huffman

Lizard Buddies

Sister Walker's new home

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 30, 2014

On To New Adventures

Oh my goodness, what a crazy turn of events!

I don't have a lot of time, unfortunately but let me fill you in on the changes!  So yes, after 6 months in Countryside Ward, they finally kicked me out.  And you'll never guess where I am (: 

BACK IN RINCON!! (: (: (: 

I don't know if you realize it, but this will most likely be my last area which means 9 months in Rincon (: Hahahaha YAY!! I am so excited (: I'm not in Saguaro Park ward again but I am over two wards, Cienega and Desert Willow wards!  

My companions name is Sister Huffman and she is from California! She has been out for 12 weeks and so i'm doing her follow up training and have been stepped out of being a STL. I am so grateful for the LOOOONG time i was able to serve as a sister training leader but i'm excited to be back to normal missionary life (: 

Sister Barnes is still a STL in Countryside ward and then after this transfer, she goes home! And then after that, I COME HOME!! Holy crap, right? 

Well my time is up, i'm sorry its so short but when I get the address of my new place, i'll let you know! 


Just a heads up, Brother Ashby from Countryside ward should be stopping by sometime this week to drop off my other plants and a box of my things. Don't open the box until i get home okay? Also, when i start sending things home, how do you want me to go about doing that? I need to start thinking about that stuff. Scary!! 

Well, i love you. 
Talk to you next week !!

Love always, 
Sister Kellee Walker

Our District in our mexi ponchos

Kellee's Sistahs

Be proud, I held a snake!

Sister Huffman my new companion

By Buddy Elder Cooper

Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 22, 2014

"...For they love the truth and are not shaken."  2 Nephi 9:40

Hola familia! 

You would be so proud of my Spanish (: 
I still am terrible at it but it is so fun to learn!

I got an email from from Sister Dredge and I will just copy the message she sent me! It's a pretty cool miracle! 

Good Morning Beautiful Sister! 

I had a cool little miracle that I wanted to share with you. My friend Alexis, just returned home from her mission in Nicaragua. After her farewell I was at her house and met her neighbor Bobbi. I told him that I recently just got home from my mission from Tucson, Arizona and he said "hey, I know someone that is living there. Her last name is Walker" At this point I was freaking out because Hey, I know some walkers too! Turns out it was you that he knows. He said that he works with your dad! Cool huh! His family is non-members but my friend Alexis is trying to work with them. Small world! 

I have seen Elder Deere a couple of times at school... makes me think of you for some reason! ha ha He has such long hair now. Its crazy! I hope things are going well for you! Anything I can do for you sister? I love you! 

Isn't that crazy?! Small world for sure!

So anyways, on to the happenings of this week (:

PDAY! Huzzah. I look forward to pdays so much. Sister Barnes and I have been soooo exhausted so we decided to just take it easy and nap nap nap (: it was so great. Sister Barnes is so fantastic.

Tuesday: We saw Suzette, She struggling with accepting the gospel and we have been teaching her since before I got here so i'm guessing around 9 months and she is still in square one, so we are really praying about God's will for her and thinking about dropping her.. which is soooo hard!! I've only had to drop a few of my investigators.. it just hurts my heart. 

We also got to attended a fun relief society activity about visiting teaching. I realized as they were talking, that visiting teaching is just like MISSIONARY WORK! The Lord really is looking out for all of his beloved children. Not one of us are forgotten.

Wednesday: We went on exchanges with Sister Reeves and Sister Ballard. I went to Ballards area up in Marana in Red Rock Ward and we had a blast!! I got to drive a truck again and that was lovely!! We stayed up way to late just talking.. which tends to happen on every exchange we go on.. i always get vented to! Which is great! I get to use my listening skills and give advice! Being a Sister Training Leader is a lot of responsibility and a lot of work but I am learning so much and I am learning a lot about myself and Heavenly Fathers love for me!!

Thursday: TEMPLE TRIP!! Every 4 months we get the opportunity to go to the Gila Valley Temple and this week was our week!! (: I cannot tell you wonderful it was! Our whole zone met at the North Stake Center at 9:00am and I drove the Jeep and all the elders piled into 2 mini vans and we headed up to Gila Valley!! We arrived safely (only a few races) around 11:00 and decided to eat lunch together at Kinoa's, a Hawaiian restaurant that is fantastic. We are totally going there. And then we all took pictures and spent some time on the temple grounds. Then we went in the temple around 2:00 and I enjoyed every moment. It's amazing to me that even though we only go every 4 months, I remember everything like the back of my hand. The temple is a wonderful place, especially the Gila Valley Temple. It's so little and adorable and perfect for me. I can't wait to go more often.  Then we headed home around 5:00 after stopping at a mexican resteraunt and got some Horchata (: YUMMM And then we all stopped at this gas station and bought little mexian sweaters as a zone and then for reals headed home. It was a great little trip! Probably my favorite one yet! I also realized that this temple trip was my last one as a missionary..  :(
Friday: Another lesson with Suzette.  We had an okay lesson and we even brought a member, sister Sorenson,  (: I love this ward and it will be so hard to leave when that time come. Transfers are in a week and i'm nervous to see what happens.

Saturday: We went on exchanges again and I went to Sister Moons area in Avra Valley! We went desert tromping for like 3 hours because they are trying to save miles and it was soooo cooool because we prayed for rain and there wasn't a could in the sky and then we came out of a lesson and it was overcast and it started to sprinkle for us on the way home. We also literally talked with everyone and got 7 potentials, which was awesome! And Taco Bell for dinner, which was nice. I am finally getting used to spicy foods. hahahah

Sunday: Oh blessed Sundays. We had Ward Council at 8:00, Missionary Correlation at 10:00, lunch then Church! It was the primary program so there were a lot of non members there and it was fun to hunt them all down and talk to them (:

I love being a missionary.
I love my companion.
I love all that i'm learning.
I love the people we're teaching.. even suzette
I love my Heavenly Father
& I love my Savior.

Have a great week!!

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

District Temple Trip

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 15, 2014

Another Week of Desert Tromping

Hey there family!!
This week was nuts. 
Bare with me while I try to explain it to you. 

Monday: I realized on Monday that i only had 100 days left of my mission and I had a little melt down inside my mind. hahaa Time is going so fast and I feel like there is still so much to do and so many people to talk to! But then i realized that the Lord will still bless me with opportunities to share the gospel at home! He's done it once with the Fietkaus, why wouldn't He do it again? (: 
Alma 36:24-26
"Yea, and from that time even until now, 
I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto repentance, 
that I might bring them to taste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; 
that they might also be born of God, and be filled with the Holy Ghost.
Yea, and now behold, O my son, 
the Lord doth give me exceedingly great joy in the fruit of my labors."

Tuesday: Everyone canceled, no one answered, no one was interested and it was flippin hot. 
I repented, but I was not in a good mood by the end of the day. 
Sister Barnes is so good to me. I owe her big time for all the things she's taught me. 

Wednesday: We had car inspections that morning and good news, we passed! Our poor jeep has like 47000ish miles on it. And missionaries in the past haven't been too kind to him, but we take good care of the little guy (: 
Then we had zone meeting for our zone in North and Sister Barnes and I trained on Desire and then on how the Gospel Blesses Families! This makes training number 7 and 8. I hope i am getting somewhat better!! 
And then we were asked to go to West Zone and give a training on The Gospel Blesses Families because they don't have any STLs over there..And 5 of our 6 companion-ships that we are over are in West Zone. So it worked out great because we got to see our sisters!! Sister Passey was there so it was great to have her participation!! She is amazing, I love her and admire her so much. 

Thursday: Literally everyone cancelled and I had a bigger melt down that wasn't inside my mind. hahaha I cried for the first time in MONTHS and let me tell yah, it felt so good to just cry. Things have been hard for me lately and I've been doing really good with staying positive and trusting my Heavenly Father but I had just hit my breaking point and sweet sister barnes just let me cry.  After dinner, God blessed us with an amazing miracle. We met this lady named Patty a few weeks ago and we were finally able to meet with her and share the Book of Mormon with her!! It was funny because her kids were going CRAZY and so i wrangled them all together and talked with them about Jesus while Sister Barnes taught Patty about the BOM. It was perfect. 
Heavenly Father knows me so well (:  

Friday: I went on exchanges with Sister Frazier and we had a blast together. She is so much like me!!
She has been out on her mission for about 4 months and it has been so cool to see her grow and progress even in just 4 months! Sister Frazier is also from Oregon (: So it reminded me of Brendan. hahha A lot of things remind me of him. I hope he is doing well with this new adventure! AND it was my 15 month mark so we celebrated by eating oreo's and milk! Huzzah (: and then sister barnes forgot to give back their phone so at like 10:30 we drove to their apartment only to realize that they had driven to our apartment.. so we sat and waited at their apartment for about a half hour to give back their phone. hahaha another late night.
Being a STL, you get no sleep. But it's totally okay, I love who I am becoming.

Saturday And Sunday: ZACH AND JACKSON'S BAPTISM!! It went flawlessly and there were soooo many people there! I don't know how much I've told you about Zach but he is a 9 year old and the only member in his family besides his less active mom. And he has been coming to church without his family for a few months and there has been some great families in the ward who have become friends with him and support him! Jackson being his best friend (: Jackson is 8 and got permission to be baptized with Zach instead of getting baptized during the stake baptisms at the beginning of the month. So it was a really cool experience for both of them!! And it was great because Zach's whole family came to his baptism and confirmation! They were so sweet to us and took us out to Carabas (: YUMMMM Sunday was wonderful as usual (: I have learned so much about my Savior just by taking the sacrament each week (: I love this gospel so much.

"...For I pray continually for them by day,
and mine eyes water my pillow by night,
because of them; and i cry unto God in faith,
and I know that He will hear my cry."

2 Nephi 33:3

I hope you all have a great week.
Tell me all about you're adventures!!


Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

Jackson and Zach's Baptism