Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 22, 2014

"...For they love the truth and are not shaken."  2 Nephi 9:40

Hola familia! 

You would be so proud of my Spanish (: 
I still am terrible at it but it is so fun to learn!

I got an email from from Sister Dredge and I will just copy the message she sent me! It's a pretty cool miracle! 

Good Morning Beautiful Sister! 

I had a cool little miracle that I wanted to share with you. My friend Alexis, just returned home from her mission in Nicaragua. After her farewell I was at her house and met her neighbor Bobbi. I told him that I recently just got home from my mission from Tucson, Arizona and he said "hey, I know someone that is living there. Her last name is Walker" At this point I was freaking out because Hey, I know some walkers too! Turns out it was you that he knows. He said that he works with your dad! Cool huh! His family is non-members but my friend Alexis is trying to work with them. Small world! 

I have seen Elder Deere a couple of times at school... makes me think of you for some reason! ha ha He has such long hair now. Its crazy! I hope things are going well for you! Anything I can do for you sister? I love you! 

Isn't that crazy?! Small world for sure!

So anyways, on to the happenings of this week (:

PDAY! Huzzah. I look forward to pdays so much. Sister Barnes and I have been soooo exhausted so we decided to just take it easy and nap nap nap (: it was so great. Sister Barnes is so fantastic.

Tuesday: We saw Suzette, She struggling with accepting the gospel and we have been teaching her since before I got here so i'm guessing around 9 months and she is still in square one, so we are really praying about God's will for her and thinking about dropping her.. which is soooo hard!! I've only had to drop a few of my investigators.. it just hurts my heart. 

We also got to attended a fun relief society activity about visiting teaching. I realized as they were talking, that visiting teaching is just like MISSIONARY WORK! The Lord really is looking out for all of his beloved children. Not one of us are forgotten.

Wednesday: We went on exchanges with Sister Reeves and Sister Ballard. I went to Ballards area up in Marana in Red Rock Ward and we had a blast!! I got to drive a truck again and that was lovely!! We stayed up way to late just talking.. which tends to happen on every exchange we go on.. i always get vented to! Which is great! I get to use my listening skills and give advice! Being a Sister Training Leader is a lot of responsibility and a lot of work but I am learning so much and I am learning a lot about myself and Heavenly Fathers love for me!!

Thursday: TEMPLE TRIP!! Every 4 months we get the opportunity to go to the Gila Valley Temple and this week was our week!! (: I cannot tell you wonderful it was! Our whole zone met at the North Stake Center at 9:00am and I drove the Jeep and all the elders piled into 2 mini vans and we headed up to Gila Valley!! We arrived safely (only a few races) around 11:00 and decided to eat lunch together at Kinoa's, a Hawaiian restaurant that is fantastic. We are totally going there. And then we all took pictures and spent some time on the temple grounds. Then we went in the temple around 2:00 and I enjoyed every moment. It's amazing to me that even though we only go every 4 months, I remember everything like the back of my hand. The temple is a wonderful place, especially the Gila Valley Temple. It's so little and adorable and perfect for me. I can't wait to go more often.  Then we headed home around 5:00 after stopping at a mexican resteraunt and got some Horchata (: YUMMM And then we all stopped at this gas station and bought little mexian sweaters as a zone and then for reals headed home. It was a great little trip! Probably my favorite one yet! I also realized that this temple trip was my last one as a missionary..  :(
Friday: Another lesson with Suzette.  We had an okay lesson and we even brought a member, sister Sorenson,  (: I love this ward and it will be so hard to leave when that time come. Transfers are in a week and i'm nervous to see what happens.

Saturday: We went on exchanges again and I went to Sister Moons area in Avra Valley! We went desert tromping for like 3 hours because they are trying to save miles and it was soooo cooool because we prayed for rain and there wasn't a could in the sky and then we came out of a lesson and it was overcast and it started to sprinkle for us on the way home. We also literally talked with everyone and got 7 potentials, which was awesome! And Taco Bell for dinner, which was nice. I am finally getting used to spicy foods. hahahah

Sunday: Oh blessed Sundays. We had Ward Council at 8:00, Missionary Correlation at 10:00, lunch then Church! It was the primary program so there were a lot of non members there and it was fun to hunt them all down and talk to them (:

I love being a missionary.
I love my companion.
I love all that i'm learning.
I love the people we're teaching.. even suzette
I love my Heavenly Father
& I love my Savior.

Have a great week!!

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

District Temple Trip

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