Monday, December 30, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 30, 2013

Monday, December 30, 2013

Your favorite elder.  Elder Wardell.  

We fixed Ted.

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

Ahh that skype call ended all too soon.

I wish I could just call you every night and tell you all about the adventures I'm having & cry to you when I'm having a hard time or when I just need to hear your voices. But I will take what I can get and enjoy my time as a missionary because honestly, it is going by so so so fast. I'm grateful Brendan was able to make it as well :) That really meant a lot to me and seeing you all there pulled at my little heart. I miss you all so very much and I didn't tell you this but I ended up getting a blessing from the District Leader a few days before Christmas for comfort. I want so badly to give God 100 percent and to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength but it has been a struggle. I didn't want to give up my precious family. I didn't want to give up the memories I have. I just didn't want to. But Brendan gave me some really good advice in a letter once. He said, "It's okay to remember the people you really care about. You can love us at home just as much as those you're with now. All are important to God. You just have to find that balance!" And that is what my New Years Goal is. To find the balance to serve my Heavenly Father with all my heart.
I was so happy for you guys!! I was happy to see you all so happy. I was happy to see you healthy. I was happy to see you all together as a family. I just love you all so very much, that's all.

Thank you so much for making my Christmas the most memorable Christmas ever. I am so very blessed to call you mine. I loved the decorations and the packages!! A few of the shirts are too big, so I will send them home, but I loved everything!! I loved what you said mom, about being an eternal family. I am indeed grateful to have been sent to such a loving and caring family. How did I get so blessed? I decided to start a Gratitude Journal with one of the Journals Brendan gave me and it has really helped me to see all the things God is blessing me with. I'm excited to sit down one day and go though all my journals with you and tell you all my stories (: I'm learning so much and am having the time of my life. It is hard, but it is something that I wouldn't trade for ANYTHING. As much as I want to be home with you and with my friends, they can wait. I am helping God's kingdom hasten & I am so lucky to have the desire to do so.

This week was a little slower since everyone and their dog was out of town. But there were also a lot of miracles that Sister Cook and I saw. There's just something so special about the Christmas Season. Unfortunatly, my time is about up and I have some pictures I want to send you. :)

I love you all so much. SO MUCH
I wish there was a better way to express it.

Be safe and have a happy new years!!

Keaton, HECK YEEEEESSSSSSSSS!! A freaking mullet?!! I am so so so excited to see it. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO haha love you dude. and i'm stoked to go sledding on our new sled when I get home!! It will be perfect time for us to go sledding when I get home next year!! Yipeeee. Love you keaton!! We are teaching some one named Kenton and I always think of you. haha Bye.

Love always, Sister Kellee Walker

Awww.  Auntie Lisa misses this girl!  

Kelle's Christmas Haul :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013

Tell Mckinlie and Cayden that we used their gift they gave me (fake money) in a lesson when we taught Sharon & Donella about tithing!!

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 23, 2013

Fwd: ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so excitedddd

Hi there folks!!

KEATON!! It's Christmas break for you!! Write me an email gosh dang it, you're going to make me cryyy! But really, it's not that hard to take a second and write a little hello to your sister who misses you so much that she cries sometimes. I understand that you're a popular dude and probably busy playing halo or something but I truly do miss you and would like to hear from you.. Love you lots.
Tell me what you have planned for the break? Have you played in the snow yet? We don't have snow here.. ahahaha it's like 70 degree's right now. But this morning we went outside to take our laundry to the Laundromat and there was a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit of frost on the ground and I could see my breath. It was weird yo. But I don't really miss the snow too much :)

Okay so Sister Cook & I are going to try to figure out Google chat today at some point and then if it doesn't work we will use Skype once we figure it out  I'll call you TOMORROW! yippeeeee!
Mom, If you could do me a favor: I would love for you to look up the lyrics to 'Just Like a Father Would' By Mercy River and print them out and send them to me in a letter, that would be fab. Thank yah.

So guess what?!?!??? Sharon & Donella finally have a baptism date!!!!! FINALLY. Holy cow it was a long haul but it has been so great to watch them change and recognize the Savior play a role in their lives. Their date is for January 18th :) Keep them in your prayers!!

And remind me on Wednesday to talk to you about Jen and the fun Christmas activities that we've been doing this holiday season. 

And I found out that Billy from Campbell Ward, (My first area) Is getting baptized too!!! And Mahylee and her family are preparing to go through the temple!!!!! Gosh it's so cool to see your hard work pay off :)

So my agenda for Christmas eve and Christmas is this: 

On Christmas Eve we are going to a Christmas Conference in the morning with the WHOLE mission so 350 missionaries in one building. It is going to be awesome. It starts at 10 and goes til about 3 or 4. Then we have some service opportunities we are going to do and then we have dinner at 6 with the Brown's and we are going to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows!! Then at midnight a few missionaries got permission to go to the Catholic Midnight Mass and we got invited to go so we are going to do that.. bizarre I know.. but it will be fun. 

THEN on Christmas we are waking up at 6:30 like usual and I'm going to pounce on Sister Cook and tell her to WAKEEEEE UPPPPPPP! And we are going to open our presents and head to the George's around 10 to set everything up and make sure it works and then Sister Cook is going to talk to her family at 11 and I get to talk with my lovely family at noonish. Don't panic if it's a little later, Sister Cook needs some extra time with her family. Then we are just going to do service all day until dinner at 6 with the Skinner's and then try to visit some older people in the ward and bring them some Christmas Cheer!! I'm so stoked!!

Love you guys!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas :)
Love you Love you Love you & Can't wait to see your faces!!

Love always, Little Sister Walker 

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 23, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Oh my goodness guys. This must have taken you AGES! But I love love love it. I never want to take it down! I loved seeing everyone's smiling faces (: Especially Hailey's & Morgan's & Brendan's & My family & Shannon's family & Sadie!!! 

Wow, it's was an amazing idea!!! Thank you Thank YOU!!!

Christmas Explosion at Sister Walker's  

This is where Sister Walker hung her banner from the last post.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 16, 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Well hello there family. 

As of Thursday December 12th, I'VE BEEN OUT ON MY MISSION FOR 6 WHOLE MONTHS! Huzzah!!!! How insane is that? I feel like it is going so so so so so fast. It's bizarre to look back and see all that I've accomplished. And what is even more crazy, Sister Cook & I had an amazing day that day. We taught some great lessons and I came home after a long successful day to a wonderful package from my wonderful family and not just one letter, but NINE letters from Grandpa Haws, Kimmy ( from school) Elder Fietkau, Madison, Elder Larson, Mama Ewell, Mama Fietkau, Brendan <3 and Hailey.  Oh my goodness, so much love in one day!! And what is so touching to me, is that each of those letters talked about Our Savior Jesus Christ in some way or another. And they all came at a time when I really needed them. I just love how the Lord works. He knows EXACTLY what his children need and knows EXACTLY how to fulfill that need. 

Sister Cook & I had a wonderful time opening the package you guys sent us that had the baby tree and the ADORABLE nativity. I am going to treasure it forever and ever and tell my kids, "This is the nativity that my family sent me while I was on my mission!" I cherish it very much so thank you dearly for thinking of me. It sincerely means the world to me. And the cute quotes?! Oh man, so adorable. And it's great because Sister Cook loves quotes!! I did get the other package with the CD'S and the shortbread this morning!! And we have been listening to Christmas music all morning!! I have the best family in the whole wide world. Truly. I think it would still be a good idea for you to visit with Sister Cook's family. You could even do some kind of service for them like take them cookies or something cute like that. Sister Cook is the oldest of 10 so Mama Cook has a lot on her plate right now with the holidays and all. And Sister Vassar would love for you to visit her. Good luck tracking her down. I don't know if I ever told you how to pronounce her name. It's pronounced Vas-er like the collage? Yeah. Cool. Check it out yo. 

And no need to worry about me riding a bike in the rain anymore. That lasted a week so now it's back up to the 70's. HECK YAH!! I love it here. Best Christmas weather everrrrrr! Although, I kinda do miss the snow and cuddling up by a fire with hot cocoa and a good movie. But that's okay, I'll get that soon enough. Also, I'm still not sure how this gmail chat is going to work but I'm not going to stress about it. because it will all work out one way or another. We are going over to The George's for Christmas and they are going to let us use their computer so Sister Cook is going first at 11 and I am going after at Noon.. I also get to call you Christmas Eve and tell you what the plan is so be expecting a call sometime Christmas Eve. but it has to be a short one :(

Okay so I wanted to tell you about a few of the amazing lessons that Sister Cook & I had this week. The first one was with a lady named Jen S. Her friend referred her on and after we got to know her a little bit, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and by the end of the lesson, she was crying and we didn't quite understand why. It was a simple lesson and we weren't necessarily feeling the spirit super strong so we asked her what her thoughts were and she told us that this plan is so different than any thing she's heard. She said it was bright and beautiful and brought her so much hope. She continued to tell us that she is ADOPTED and that she now knows she can be with her adoptive family forever. She has somewhere to belong permanently. Sister Cook said that as Jen was telling her adoption story, it sounded just like my words coming out of her mouth. We comitted her to be baptized and she said yes! She is going to continue to pray and read from the Book of Mormon to know for sure but she said when she knows these things are true, she will be baptized!!!!

Oh bother, I am out of time. But good thing I get to talk to you ON CHRISTMAS!!!!
I love you so so so much. Remember Christ this season & always find some way to serve those around you. I love you I love you.

Thank you for all you do for me.
It truly means the world.

Love always, Sister Kellee Jo Walker

 Icicle lights so pretty 

 My little Christmas Tree.  I love the quotes!

  Nativity - isn't it so precious!

Special banner that my mom made.  There are pictures of family and friends each holding a letter that spells out Silent Night Holy Night. 

Santa looks a lot like a cactus.  Maybe the heat is getting to Kellee :)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh my good heavens!! This week has been absurd. Just absurd

We had to take our car into the shop last Monday right? To get it all fixed up & they said it should be done this morning.. well they called & said they made a mistake and have to fix it so perhaps we will be on bikes for another week. Props to all the elders who ride bikes. It's so haaaaard!! Especially up hill in a skirt. They don't have to do that, but still. They ride more than sisters do! So we've been riding bikes and bumming rides from the members all week. And while everyone in Utah got dumped on by snow.. we got dumped on by rain!! So now add Sister Walker in a skirt, riding a bike up hill, in a skirt while its pouring rain. Hahahah wow. Rough week ey? But over all, it's been EXTREMELY humbling. We were able to have members with us every hour for the last 3 days which was really amazing. They were all able to see what it's like to be a missionary and we were able to get into houses we otherwise wouldn't have if we didn't have members with us. It was really cool to see everything pan out. We were having to rely 100 percent on the spirit this week and as we did that, we were lead to people who were ready to come closer to our Savior.

That's pretty much the extent of my week. Haha we did get lost in the mountains though and found a really cool investigator while asking him for directions. And we also got stared down by a freaky owl. Nothing like our little OWLVIN. He looked like he wanted to attack us.. so we hurried away. I also saw my first herd of Javalina's. If you get a chance, look them up on the computer. They are the ugliest little things I've ever seen!! They look a lot like piggies but they are actually more closely related to racoons.. And they are soooooo blind. It's hilarious. 

We also had our ward Christmas Party this week and that was really fun. It was Grinch themed and they had it decorated so so so cute. And we had invited a lot of Less Active families and surprisingly, a lot of them came and had a wonderful time!! So yeah, this week has been pretty insane. I'm hoping we will be able to have a little more calmer week this week.

As for talking with you on Christmas....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!
We are not quite sure how it works because well, it's both of our first Christmas holidays out on our mission. (Sister Cook is just a transfer older than I am) But we are thinking around 11 or 12ish? Her brother is in Latvia on his mission and they are trying to coordinate a time with him.. so I'm still not sure. And I have no idea how it is supposed to work. Sister Cook said that we use the Google Chat through your gmail, which makes sense but then I've heard that people use skype? So hopefully everything works out!!

If you get a chance mom, go buy Jacob's Gift by Max Lucado. It is phenomenal. An older  member in the ward wanted to read it to us because she missed reading books to her grand kids and she read this one and it was amazing. 

Also, you keep wanting me to look for packages in the mission office.. well that's impossible for me to do. It's like an hour and a half away from where I'm serving so it'll just have to get forwarded to me from there. (: A mission has taught me a lot about patience.

Okay so this is crazy crazy crazy. Sister Cook and I were looking at a list of the less actives in our ward and we came across and name that stood out to us, The Bloomfield's. So we rode our little bikes to her home and knocked on her house and she let us in out of pity I think. But we got talking and she had just moved from Eugene, Oregon about a year ago.. That's where Brendan served!! How crazy is that!! She doesn't think she knows him but man, that is crazy! We invited her to the ward Christmas Party and she came and had a great time!! I LOVE IT
We also had Stake Conference this weekend and it was amazinggggg. It was focused on the Hastening of the Work. Remember how I used to tell you the the Lords work is truly HASTENING? Told ya so (: (: 

To hasten means to quicken. So it was focused on quickening the Lords work. And it was so spiritual and got everyone pumped to share the gospel with their neighbors and people they meet. Have you guys had stake conference yet?

Well folks, my time is about up.
I love you & I really miss you.
Really really miss you.

2 more days and it will be my 6 month mark (: HUZZAH!

Love always, Sister Kellee Jo.

Attack Owl 

Airplane Graveyard -

 Grinch Table Decorations

 Javalina - cute piggy NOT!

Beautiful Skies just like at home

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013


 Kellee Spent Thanksgiving with Clara and Dax!

duna duna duna duna BATMAN

Hey there fam bam. 
So holy cow, I am still full from thanksgiving. Probably because we had like 3 thanksgiving dinners. hahaha but it was wonderful. And yes mom, I actually ate pie. Not the berry pie, the cream pies are the best. And lots of cheese cake. I don't know if that's like a Tucson thing, but i don't ever remember having cheese cake on thanksgiving. But whatever, it was wonderful and now I'm fat. hahhaa we had our legit thanksgiving dinner at the Georges (a family in the ward) And we had a lot of fun! We got to play with the kids, which was very much needed. I just have missed that SOOOOOOO much. And then we went and visited bishop and his family which was so great! I love seeing bishop out of his "Bishop" label. Then we went and saw a lot of elderly people in the ward who we knew wouldn't have family in town and we gave them company! It feels so great to be serving each and every day. I am having the time of my life here. 
I have 4 things for you to do for me.
1. Go talk to the Gallagers in the Skousens ward because there is a family in my ward here, The Sowards who know the Gallagers!! They used to come to Pleasant Grove and spend time with the Gallagers! How nuts is that?!?!?!? I about died of astonishment
2. Tell me what is going on the the Philippines?! We can't watch the news or anything but what the heck is going on? And isn't Kylie Oyler going there on her mission? Is she still going there?
3. Please talk to Breanna Mama and get me Bre's address. I have something I need to send her (: plus, I miss her like crazy
4. And yes, PLEAAAAAASE go see Sister Sarah Vassar! She said if you talk to some of the sisters, they might be able to tell you where she's at,  (in secret) Because it's a safety thing. But she'll be around there some where! Keep your eyes out. I miss her so so so much. 
Side note. Last time I told you about skype. Well I guess using the video chat on gmail is easier. So figure that out. Hahha I have no idea how it works. But we will figure it out!! I GET TO TALK TO YOU GUYS IN 23 DAYS! YIPPEEEE
Side note #2 I want to sign up for piano lessons again. (I know mom is probably going to say, "If you would have been diligent in your younger years!!!!) 
Funny story #1 so at thanksgiving dinner, we were just sitting at the table and Brother George was talking about his mission and he was trying to say Sister Missionaries but it totally came out as Shitster Missionaries........ Oh my word I was laughing so so so hard. We made a joke about all the people who think we are annoying and how they probably think, "Hurry Hide!! It's The Shitster Missionaries!" Man. So so so funny.
Funny story #2 On there is a place for you to put your name and address in when you would like the missionaries to come visit you or bring you a book of mormon. And then the missionaries in the area get a text message called a Media Referral and we go to that house and fulfil their needs. So Sister Cook and I got a Media Referral for a Lady named Rylie Peterson and we set off to go track her down. And we show up at her home, knock on her door and a really REALLY nice lady opens the door and instantly I get taken down by a GIANT dog (Akida breed. Look it up) And then I recover and we tell her our situation and that we are looking for a Riley Peterson. She gets a really weird look on her face and says, "Okay hang on a moment." And then comes back holding her baby and says, "This is Riley." HAHAHA There is no way a baby put her name in We all decided it must have been a prank her friends played on her. But she is really a nice lady and so we are going to go back and try here in a few weeks!! 
On a spiritual note,
I am so happy here. Heavenly Father is taking such good care of me. There are so many great people to work with and so many people seeking the truth. I am so very blessed to know that this Gospel is true. I know without a doubt in my mind that my Savior lives and loves me and that God trusts me to do my best work here in Tucson Arizona. And I will give him the best I can. I love this Gospel, I love my Savior and I love my family. How grateful I am. Love you all so so so much.
Thank you for all your support and love. 

Sister Kellee Walker

Acts 18:9-11

Talks about serving a mission. (: 
Also, I got your package and loved it. And I'm working on answering your silly questions. Love you all.

God be with you til we meet again.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching up on Sister Kellee's Adventures

From October 29, 2013
"Transfers Already!"

Elder Lutz and Elder Wardell that were serving in the Campbell Ward with Kellee and Sister Vassar, made a "farewell" poster for the Sisters, with Little notes from the Ward Members.

Hello beautiful family of mine. 
OH MY GOSH I GOT TRANSFERRED. I thought for sure they would keep me in Campbell Ward a little longer, especially since Sister Vassar will be leaving back to Temple Square before this transfer ends. I was very surprised!! I am now serving in the Rincon Stake in the Saguaro Park Ward with Sister Cook from South Dakota. She came out May 1st (when I was originally supposed to come out). I already love her to pieces. I'm very excited for the experiences we will have together. 
Leaving Campbell Ward was very difficult for me. Especially since I have spent my whole mission there so far. hahah 41/2 months in one area, that's so long. I have come to LOVE all the wonderful members of that ward and oh how i'm going to miss my converts. Especially my sweet little Elizabeth. I worry about her so much. Sister Vassar and I were able to take some time yesterday to visit a lot of the members who I wanted to say goodbye to. That helped me cope with the situation really well. I took lots of pictures so be looking forward to that! A wonderful lady in the ward had us over for my "Last Supper" hahahha and they bought me a beautiful scarf and Tucson key chain.

 This ward has been so good to me. I can't believe how attached I got. And I am surly going to miss our Zone. We all got SUPER CLOSE. I bought a little journal for all of them to write in and so I will have something to remember them by. How grateful I am for all the many experiences I have had so far. I am looking forward to the many other experiences my Heavenly Father has in store for me and Sister Cook. 
There is so many things I am learning. I feel like the more I learn, the more I realize that I still have soooo much more to learn!! My testimony continues to grow and I am coming to understand a small portion of my Fathers love for me. As I show love to the people we teach, I see small ways that my Father shows his love for me. I know that I am everything to him and that I am his beautiful daughter. I know he sent his beloved son here to be an example to us so that as we follow his example, we will be prepared to live with our Heavenly Father once again. And how beautiful that day will be. When we are surrounded by those we love so deeply for. I pray that we will all continue to live worthy of this gift He has given us.
Well folks, Halloween is comin up. What are ya'll dressin up as? I hope my husband will dress up with me. haha As a missionary, we have to be in our apartment by 7:00 since Tucson is so crazy!
KEATON JOSEPH WALKER. You're birthday is coming up as well!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop growing gosh dangit. By the time I get home, you'll have huge muscles and a deep voice and you might actually beat me at wrestling for once... ;) HEHEHE I hope everything is going well, and I hope you can find time to write me, I really miss you and i worry even more when I don't hear from you. So hopefully all is well. :) I sure do love you!
My time is about up, but I just wanted you guys to know that I am very happy! Things are going great and the work is progressing so much. I am learning more about who I am and more about who my Savior is as well. I love you guys more than I can describe and I sat and talked with Sister Cook about you guys all morning!! I talked to her about how we got sealed and some of the family trips we've been on and all our traditions and about Teeko too!!  I have such a wonderful family & I can't wait until I can hug you and tell you I love you. 

Be safe this Halloween and remember who you are (: 

PS: Go visit Sister Vassar when she goes back Temple Square. She goes home November 27th so maybe after that? (:

Catching up on Sister Kellee's Adventures

From October 21, 2013
(My computer got updated to "8" and i have been trying to learn how to use it, sorry these are posted so late.  Thanks for your prayers of safety and protection for Our Kellee, she truly is an Amazing Sister Missionary!)

Cute pumpkins for Our "Pumpkin"

This week I was able to understand a small portion of Heavenly Fathers love for me. 
And the love my earthly father has for me as well as an understanding of the kind of spouse to look for.

What a beautiful blessing we all have been given; to feel the love our Father has for us. 
(watch the video) LOVE YOU!

This week has been incredibly slow. We didn't teach very many lessons and a lot of our investigators dropped us . Which means they told us they don't want to meet with us anymore :'( Oh how it breaks my little heart to pieces. I think it hurts so much because I personally know how much this gospel can bless their lives and they don't even understand what they are missing. I have such a love for all these people and they don't even give us a chance to show them the love their Father has for them. I sent you guys a link to a Mormon message that I recently watched and I wish I could just show it to the whole world. When we get I pads, I can show it to people but for now, I just have to wait. The video touched my heart in many different ways and i continue to get different messages each time I watch it. My Heavenly Father has given me absolutely everything for one reason; He loves me. He wants me to return to him having completed my life mission and to experience complete joy. And we can't accomplish that unless we are living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is;  1. Faith in Jesus Christ 2. Repentance 3. Baptism 4. Receiving the Holy Ghost and 5. Enduring to the End. As we continually live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we will experience complete joy throughout life. I know without a doubt that this is Gods plan and that He wants nothing but the best for each and every one of us. What a beautiful Blessing.

We have been focusing on the Less actives in the ward since we are having a hard time finding people to teach. Bringing back the fold is just as important as finding sheep to bring to the fold. We had a lot of less actives come back to church this Sunday which was amazing. It is so great to see people hunger for their testimonies that they once had. As you show them love and support, they will find their testimony and eventually find their way back. 
We have also been doing A TON of service this week. Dad, guess what?!?!?? Sister Vassar and I and the Elders poured concrete for an investigator of ours named Vern!! ( Kellee's Grandpa Shepherd's nickname was Vern!)  It was pretty awesome. We had to mix and pour it by hand which was kinda hard but it was still really fun.
Transfers are in a week and I sincerely hope I don't get transferred. I have come to love spending these past 4 months with the Campbell Ward. The members here are so great. You'd be so proud, I've learned everyone's name and their kids names as well. We have become a family and the support they give to the missionaries is incredible. They sacrifice so much to help this missionary work progress and I am so grateful for all they do for us. They give comfort, they give food, they give love, they give council, they give of their time, they give so much to help us. The members in a ward play such a huge role in helping the Lords work continue. Being a missionary is such an amazing experience. My emotions may be all over the place at times but the experiences i'm having are so incredible. I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. The Lord is preparing me for the experiences i'm going to have in the future. He's preparing me to be a mother to his children. He's trusting me with the people here in Tucson and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I love this work.
I love my Father.
I love all i'm learning.
I love being Sister Walker.
Love always, Kellee jo Walker

Monday, November 25, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013


Sister's Walker and Cook

Okay so you guys are going to be sooooo excited because last week, on Friday, we drove down to Benson Arizona to have a Half Mission Conference (where half the mission gets together to have a conference) and we got to hear from Elder Paul V Johnson of the 70!! It was soooo amazing. 150 or so missionaries stuffed in the chapel listening to a general authority. It was a really cool experience. He talked a lot about working with the members and including them in EVERYTHING we do, which I thought was great because that's what Sister Cook and I have been focusing on. And then He totally shifted gears and talked about something that is alot more personal to every missionary which is comparing ourselves to other missionaries. He joked about comparing himself to the people he works with AKA President Monson!! He said he had to give a talk once at General Conference right after President Uchtdorf and he was terrified. He helped each of us feel more of our Heavenly Fathers love for us and told us not to compare because we are each unique in our own individual ways. It was a really great experience and I think every missionary there needed to hear it. 
Sister Cook and I get along great and I am so very thankful for that. She reminds me often that the Lord didn't call me to succeed, He called me to serve. And that is exactly what I am doing each and every day and I love it so much. I am happy here, even though it is very hard at times. A member in the ward, Sister Herr told me something that I really liked. She said, "A mission isn't the best 2 years of your life, It's the hardest 2 years. But it's the best 2 years FOR your life." I loved that, because it is sooooo true. There are so many things I have gone through good and bad, but all these experiences are to prepare me for the rest of my life, on through eternity. 
We are going to be on bikes for the next week or 2 since our car had to go into the shop. I named our car Viva because she vibrates ALL THE TIME. It's kind of annoying, but she's a babe so it's okay. hahha so we are going to be on bikes, so pray for my saftey, it's scary riding bikes on the road but we made a goal to get 4 new investigators this week and I know we can accomplish it because the Lord has provided a way for us to be out and about all week. Weird how that stuff works out. And guess what?!?!??? It rained for 2 days straight last week!! Isn't that bizzare? It was 80 degrees, then it rained for 2 days and now its been in the 50's. And some places even got a little bit of snow! And you know the cute little cockroach on Walle? Well i've found out that they really aren't that cute. We have quite a few in our appartment, especially now that it's getting cold. They crawl up from the bathtub and sink drain so we have to close them or we get even more little nasty bugs. And i've learned to roll down the stupid plastic bag inside the cereal boxes because all the cockroaches crawl in there and eat all my cereal...... so be warned keaton. ROLL DOWN THE BAGS IN THE CEREAL BOXES. :) For Thanksgiving we are going to the Georges who live way down old spanish trail and we are just having a giant feast and spending the day with them. It will be nice to be around a family. I will take lots of pictures as long as you take a lot as well. 
Also, on a more spiritual note. I have been trying so haaaaard to finish Alma in the Book of Mormon and it's taking me forever because this is all the war chapters, which are soooooo freaking cool. Helaman is such a stud. But I just read in chapter 57 about the 2000 stripling warriors and they are just the coolest. I absolutely love love love when Helaman sends an epistle to Moroni telling him about the battles they've been having and Helaman talks so highly of his Stripling Warriors. He says time and time again how his 'little band of warriors' are so courageous and strong and how they learned from their mothers how to love the Lord. Oh man, I just loved it. I can't wait to come home and study the scriptures with you guys. Especially you, keaton! I am so excited for you read them and to love them as much as I do!! 

For Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say thanks to you all.
Mom, Thank you for all you do to help me. And all you have done. You are truly the greatest gift and greatest blessing. I can never repay you for all you have taught me. You are just like the mothers in the Book of Mormon who taught their children to love the Lord with all their heart. I know you don't think you did a good job, but look at me!! I have become who I am today, because of you. So thank you for being you. And being my mommy. :)
Dad, Thank you for loving me. I am so blessed to be your sweet pumpkin. And thank you for your emails. I treasure them very much. Remember how much I love you. And don't you worry, I hold Ted close every night because She reminds me of home.  -Ted is Kell's teddy bear, yes, she is a girl named Ted.  That's my daughter for ya!-   I love you I love you I love you and I pray for you so very often. I can't wait for that hug. 
Keaton, Thank you thank you thank you for being my best friend. I miss you so so so so much and it is so hard sometimes to be away, but I know that you will always be there for me, just like you have been. Thank you for loving me and having fun with me and letting me dress you up like a girl. That was fun. :) Write me more, because I secretly miss you the most.

I love you all so much. 
And i'll keep my eyes out for that comet. 
Be safe and give everyone my love. 
Love always, Your sweet Sister Kellee Jo Walker

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - November 18, 2013

November  18, 2013

You know you are exhausted when you knock on a door and say, "Hey we're the Mission Mormonaries....." But it's a good kind of exhausted (:

My Sunsets:)

Scariest Spider EVA !

I LOVE You to the Moon and Back :)

 Happy birthday mom!! I'm glad you got the cactus!! Did you notice what the name of the cactus is? The OLD LADY cactus (: HAHA I thought it was pretty funny...
It's 82 degrees in freaking November.  Poor people in sad, Boo hoooo, hahahahahah, love you!
    I don't remember if I ever told you thank you guys for the corn bag. I have been putting it in the freezer and using it as a cold bag instead of a heated bag since its still a billion degrees. And it doesn't help that the apartments we live in turned the AC off and turned on the Heater... We sleep with the windows open and the fans on and my corn bag. So THANK YOU!

Okay so I wanted to tell you guys about a crazy experience that happened to me this week. So on November 14th (moms birthday) my companion and I went on exchanges. Which means the sister trainer in the area takes either sister cook or I out of our area and we spend the day learning from her and then her companion goes into our area! And it was my turn to leave the area so I spent the day with sister marsh. And they are in a biking area so I got to spend the whole day on a bike!! It was so fun, aside from the fact that my skirt wouldn't stay down. Luckily I wore a pair of shorts underneath. But anyways, It was later in the evening and we stopped by a less active ladies home to invite her to an activity that was going on that night. So we set our bikes against her home and went in to invite her and to use her bathroom. We were in her home about 15 minutes, come out and sister marsh's bike was GONE!!! Oh man it was intense. We ended up calling the police and getting everything figured out and then ended up walking everywhere else that day. And as of today, she still hasn't found the bike.. That was a pretty rough day. But I learned how to deal with stressful situations!! (: Hahaa

On Wednesday, we had interviews with President Killpack which were VERY much needed. Every 3 months, he interviews every missionary here, just to see how they are doing. Which I think is fantastic. I just love that man very much. He had a lot of wonderful things to say which gave me the confidence I needed to endure all the trials we face as missionaries. He said He was very proud of the work I was accomplishing.  Because of the love President shows me, I know without a doubt that my Heavenly Father loves me even more. I am very grateful to have him as a mission president.
We had 3 investigators at church yesterday!! That is quite a huge accomplishment. We are teaching a lot of fantastic people right now, both less active and investigators. I feel very blessed to be here. 

Okay so I only have a few minutes left (since I've been talking with papa, which was very much needed).  -Sometimes Kellee and her Papa have been able to Link-up while she emails.  They timed this by accident the first time, but it dosen't happen very often!-  But I wanted to talk about something that is really rather cool. So during personal study this morning, I decided to take some time and study my patriarchal blessing and there were a few things that really stood out to me. So first it talks about being spared to come forth in these latter days which is to be looked at as a blessing because of the life I lived in the Pre-Mortal life. Then it talks about being in the Tribe of Ephraim so I looked up in the Bible Dictionary Ephraim and I LOVED what it said, "And in the last days it has been the tribe of Ephraim's privilege first to bear the message of the Restoration of the Gospel to the world and to gather scattered Israel" How cool is that?! I loved that because it tied into the rest of my blessing talking about having been given leadership skills and having the ability, the skill and the talents to share the gospel and how giving of my time is part of my life mission. I now know without a doubt that I am supposed to be here. I made the right decision and I don't need to worry about it anymore. I just need to serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Man, this gospel is true.

I love you all so very much & wish I had more time to write you all. 

Remember to make good choices and to say your prayers. 
I can't wait to do scripture study with you all when I get home. 

Love always, 

Your sweet Sister Walker.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson Arizona Mission - November 12, 2013

November 12, 2013

The Lord Continues to Bless Me With Sunsets, 
I Wish You Could See Them in Person!

Hello there my beautiful family!!

Okay so i hope yall are ready for this crazy email!! This week has been insane. There has been soooo many miracles. I don't think I will even be able to tell you about all of them, but I will try my hardest to remember them all. (I even made a list to try to remember) There has also been some crazy stuff that has happend so bear with me!!
1) I was reading some talks in the ensign and I decided that you guys should read 'Love Her Mother' by Elaine S Dalton. It is sooooo very good.
2)  I had to delete #2, It listed too many names!!!
3) This is totally random, but I have totally changed my mind about being an elementary teacher. I decided that I want to be NICU Nurse and work with all the new babies who's spirits have just left their Heavenly Home. Plus, they are amazing creatures and I would love to work with them more closely. I absolutly am fasinated by their development and I really feel like that is something I need to spend time learning about. And also, I want to minor in astronomy. The stars here are incredible. I wish you guys could see them. They don't have any street lights since there is an observatory and they can't have the light pollution but I LOVE it. I think it's amazing that God gave this all to us. There is a quote from John Lewis that says, "The more we look at the universe, the less it looks like a great machine, and the more it looks like a great thought." How great is that?
(This just made me laugh, coming from a girl who can't stand BLOOD!!  But maybe the Astronomy part wouldn't be bad, if she can handle the Math!!)
4) Okay so crazy story. Every Friday, Sister Cook and I sit down for 3 hours and do Weekly Planning. Which is when we pray about people we need to visit and we plan on lessons to teach them in order to help them progress for the week ahead of us. So we were in our living room weekly planning right? Well earlier that morning we had gone on a run and hadn't locked the door after we had gotten back (BAD IDEA). Well we are weekly planning and then KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Someone is knocking on our door... and we live up on the second floor and no one knows where we live besides the District Leaders. So I look though the peep hole and realize it is our  neighbor.  So i whisper to my comp and tell her who it is and she gets a worried look on her face and mouths, "DONT OPEN IT!" and then i look down and realize that the door is unlocked and i get a gut wrenching feeling just as He turns the door knob.. and steps into our appartment...
UH HECK NO. I honestly think he just wanted to visit but that's a big no no having someone in your appartment. And what was wierd was that he kept asking all these personal questions like where are you going today? What time are you leaving? Who are you going with? When will you be home? and we didn't really answer his questions and told him he had to leave and then we called our district leader and told him what happend and they live in the same complex as we do so they went and talked to him about it. I'm not sure what they said, but it must have worked because he hasn't been knocking on our door anymore. And don't worry, we always lock our door now.
5) Nana Fietkau sent me a letter :') I just love that family so so so so much. Tell her thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will write her when I find the time. I am so grateful for those who take the time to think of me, even though I am far away.

6) The Mormon Heritage Festival was on Saturday and it was soooooo freaking fun!! Half of the mission got together and we all got to do service there! We all got yellow vests to wear and worked at little booths. Sister Cook and I got to work at the Doll Making Station and so now I know how to make dolls out of random scraps of fabric and cotton balls. Hhaha It was really great to see all the missionaries from my last area. I may have cried a little when I had to leave. Just becuase they all showed so much love to me. It feels so good to be needed. And my beautiful Sister Vassar ran up to me and gave me the BIGGEST hug. I just love her to pieces. I miss Campbell Ward very very very much but I'm learning to love Saguaro park ward. It will just take time. The ward membest are all very supportive and are very kind to me and patient as I try to learn the area and everyones names. Like I said, It will just take time. 

7) So I just realized that today is my 5 month mark? What the heck?!?? Where is the time going? Also, it is 11/12/13 today. How sweet is that? Hahah I've already been out 5 whole months! I am so proud of myself. It hasn't been easy, but it has been so so so rewarding.
8) Okay so miracle wise, the stake all participated in a fast on fast sunday to help the missionary work progress. I think I told you about it already. But since then, we have seen so many miracles. Members have come up to us and asked us how they can help us, We have 2 new investigators who are soooooo prepared. Our other investigators are progressing so much and there are multiple less active members who have expressed a desire to come back to church which is CRAZY. My testimony on fasting has increased so much just from this short week. 

I hope you guys are having a fantastic week and I can't wait to get more letters from you. 

Hope your birthday was good keaton and i hope yours is good too mommy!

Also, you mentioned chirstmas.. Try to get skype working in case i get to skype you guys!

Hopefully I remembered everything i needed to. Hahaha Okay time's up. Love you.

Love you to pieces. 

Love, Sister Kellee Walker

Monday, November 4, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - November 4, 2013

NOVEMBER 4, 2013
(yes, I'm posting from this far back- the BLOG has been Neglected, but Sister Kellee has Not!)

Be Prepared for RAMBLES.......

Well folks, I have a little bit more information on my area where I'm serving. I'm currently in the Saguaro Park (Sawaroh) Ward which includes the Saguaro National Park and my area goes all the way over to Vale, so it covers A LOT. It is a lot different than Campbell Ward, that's for sure! Campbell ward was super ghetto and was jam packed with people and apartments but here, it is sooooo spread out. We sometimes are driving for 30 minutes just to get from one place to the next. And we have 1500 miles a month so we have to be careful. And there are NO street lights here. Literally NONE because they have an observatory near by and they can't have the light pollution. How cool is that? It makes for beautiful nights (: Between the sunsets, the dirt roads and the starts, It's beautiful here.

Happy Birthday Keaton!!  It sounds like you had a pretty sick birthday!! Sometimes I wish I could just sit and play video games with my comp. But I think I'd rather be out and about! There's so much to do!! You'll have to tell me all about what you did and with who! Dad sent me a picture of you and teeko.... When did you get so handsome? I think my companion has a crush on you!! And what the heck is with the pink flamingos? hahah So I was feeling pretty down on your birthday because I wasn't there to celebrate and I hadn't sent your package yet but then we got a knock on our door and it was the zone leaders and they had a package for me!! I got a present on YOUR birthday! It was very much needed. I love love love that you guys sent me fall leaves. I started crying a little bit because it reminded me so much of home. Especially the picture of my primary class. They are the cutest things. And the Halloween card is soooooo stinkin cute. I'm very impressed mom!
I have met a lot of interesting people this last week. Sunday was a little overwhelming but I think I'm going to like it here. On Sunday the whole stake participated in a fast to help the missionary work progress and I even got up and bore my testimony in front of a billion people I don't even know. It was scary, but I thought to myself, 'you share your testimony everyday in small ways to people you teach, why can't you share your testimony with these people who share your same beliefs and who are supporting you as a missionary.' So i did it, and it was amazing.
Our apartment is aaaaaaaadorable. I would send pictures but I accidentally deleted ALL of my pictures. But good news, I called brother Jones from Campbell Ward and he owns a photo store and he was able to find all the pictures for me FOR FREE. I owe him cookies. But he wasn't able to put them back on the card, so he put them on a CD which I will send home and I would like you to send them back printed if you would (: Also, our neighbors name is Thomas and he is a total HOOT. He smokes a lot so in the morning around 7:30 he wakes up and starts coughing and coughing and coughing and then turns on his radio and just sings at the top of his lungs during our study time. We giggle about it everyday. And there is a stupid dog that sounds like a baby dinosaur that barks day in and day out. its annoying. But other than that, our apartment is so awesome. I can't wait to one day own my own place and decorate it how I want!

Halloween was pretty lame. Curfew was 7:00 so we just sat in our apartment and talked about girl stuff and I ate candy and cookies and milk. Sister Cook is allergic to sugar so I ate all her candy too. I was okay with that. (: Each apartment got a little paper to stick on their door that said TRICK OR TREATERS WELCOME. and if you wanted trick or treaters, you stuck it on your door, if you didn't, then you just didn't put it on your door. so we didn't have to worry about people knocking on our door. I wish we could have, but it was against our rules. 
Dad, you will be so so so proud of me!! I totally ate Elk last night and it was divine. I am learning to eat more foods and I'm coming to realize that food is pretty great. I know why you like it so much! hahaha I'm still weary about pie though.. I'll work on it.
Last but not least,
I want to tell you guys about the vision Sister Cook and I came up with. So our vision is to create a ward that the Lord can trust. And we are going to accomplish that by having 2 baptisms this transfer, bring back 2 less actives and serve in someway every day. How great is that? We are challenging the ward members to create a family vision for this month on how they can strengthen their relationship as a family. Maybe that's something you guys can do!

So there ya go. I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday. I sure do love each of you more than anything in this whoooooole world. And dad, you are more than welcome to sit in my room whenever you want to. I don't mind it at all (: I miss your guys' hugs. I'll be expecting a huuuuge hug from y'all when I get off that plane.

Love you to the moon and back.

Love always, Your sweet sister missionary, Sister Walker

Monday, October 28, 2013

October 14, 2013 - OH MY GOODNESS I"M SO EXHAUSTED:)

Thanks to the Awesome Elder's.  This is the Ice Cream the Elder's bought Sister Kellee Jo and Sister Vassar after their very Stressful day.  Ice Cream and a Priesthood Blessing! 
What a GREAT Combo!

Sister Kellee Jo Walker and Sister Vassar
(Notice the sunlight on the only roses in the Pic)  
I think their Heavenly Father is with them always -  like a 'Ray of Sunshine' on the Roses!!!

Being a missionary is a lot of hard work. You just feel exhausted all the time, even if you get a full 8 hours of sleep. Thankfully my head aches went away! I think I was just so stressed with all the drama that went down.  But things have calmed down, which I am very grateful for. 

We totally went to the zoo today with a bunch of the ladies in the ward and their kids and it was soooooo much fun!! Our zoo back at home is better though! But really it was so fun to spend time with them. 

Keaton guess what? I just have to tell you this real quick cause I think it's hilarious. So the kid I'm sitting next to at the library is totally watching minecraft videos and he is singing along to the dynamite song just like you used to. hahahahhaa oh my gosh also, what are you going to be for Halloween? And you want me to send you another pressed flower? All the flowers are kinda gone since it's fall time but I will try my hardest to find some cool flowers to press. (:
Okay so this email is going to be scattered most likely but that's okay.
General Conference was great wasn't it? I took a lot of really good notes. I felt like this was the ONE time I was actually really stoked about watching conference and then BAM it was over too fast. But it was soooo good. I'm excited to read over the talks again in the Ensign!

Mom, I read a talk this morning called Mothers and Daughters by M Russell Ballard and I want you to look it up sometime and read it. It made me think of you and the great example that you are to me each and every day, even though I'm not there with you. 

Yes, I got the GPS and I got Marci's workout DVD and thank heavens. It couldn't have come at a better time. Because I've been so stressed, all the Elders pitched in and bought us like 4 freaking tubs of icecream and made a CD for us called 'Icecream and Bubble Baths' And I have defiantly taken after my Papa when it comes to desserts. I have been chow'in down. So hopefully this will help me get fit again. hahaha!  I'm going to be needing my stripped jacket I sent home when I was in the MTC. It is getting COLD here. It's 50 degrees in the mornings and then it warms up to around 70 during the day and then back down to 50. And yes, I freeze so I'll be needing my jacket. hahaha It's weird because the cold just randomly HIT. It wasn't a gradual cool down, it was a sudden freeze. But yeah just send me them when you get a chance (: Thank yeeee

Funny story that has to do with a baptism that some Elders had on Friday. So it was for this sweet lady who was probably around 40. And I guess the water heater was broken or something because when she stepped into the font, she squealed a little bit but bucked it up and walked over to the Elder baptizing her. So by this point she was all tense and frozen and as the Elder is dunking her in the water, she lets out a scream because the water was sooooooo cold! So we all could hear her scream from under the water up until she got out and we helped her get a towel and warm up a bit. hahahaha it's funny because something has gone wrong every time that companionship has a baptism. That's Satan for ya. Goodness.

I have trying to find time to write you guys letters but it's hard. I start one and then get distracted with other things or we get too busy so I have probably 3 started. I promise I will get around to writing you more. As long as you promise to write me more ;) Hehe

Sister Vassar and I totally taught Mutual Thursday night which was really fun. I miss Young Woman's a lot. That's when we started to become really active in the church and actually stay to all 3 hours. I have gained a really strong testimony of church attendance! And, oh man, has my testimony grown on church callings.  The Ward Mission Leader represents the missionaries in the ward, so if the ward members see him backing off of his calling, then they think we are slacking and they don't trust us. Slacking in your calling truly effects the whole ward family and I have come to LOVE LOVE LOVE Bishops. Especially Bishop Veenker. Tell him I just LOVE him. He does so much for the ward family and cares about each and every one of us. He has so much to do all the time but just trusts in Heavenly Father that everything will work out.

Okay so I have just a few more minutes and I just wanted to tell you that I truly do love you guys so so so much. I wish I would have shown my love to you more when I was at home because I can only express my love through emails and letters and prayers but I sometimes wish I could just hug you guys and tell you, "I love you." But until I can do that, Just remember that I really do love you all so much and I am so grateful for all that you've done for me. For all you've sacrificed for me. I just love you all so much. SO SO SO MUCH.

Love always, 
Sister Kellee Jo Walker

Joe, Keaton and I were talking about how Kellee and him did this trick.  They would do it when Joe and I had just come home, and would look and look for Keaton!  I just came upon this photo today!!  I can't believe how much they have grown and changed.  I wish it was still 2006 and they were still this small.  It would be nice to do it all over again, and this time, take the TIME to enjoy them more!  I love them both!