Monday, December 23, 2013

Sister Kellee Walker's Tucson, Arizona Mission - December 23, 2013

Fwd: ahhhhhhhhhh! I'm so excitedddd

Hi there folks!!

KEATON!! It's Christmas break for you!! Write me an email gosh dang it, you're going to make me cryyy! But really, it's not that hard to take a second and write a little hello to your sister who misses you so much that she cries sometimes. I understand that you're a popular dude and probably busy playing halo or something but I truly do miss you and would like to hear from you.. Love you lots.
Tell me what you have planned for the break? Have you played in the snow yet? We don't have snow here.. ahahaha it's like 70 degree's right now. But this morning we went outside to take our laundry to the Laundromat and there was a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit of frost on the ground and I could see my breath. It was weird yo. But I don't really miss the snow too much :)

Okay so Sister Cook & I are going to try to figure out Google chat today at some point and then if it doesn't work we will use Skype once we figure it out  I'll call you TOMORROW! yippeeeee!
Mom, If you could do me a favor: I would love for you to look up the lyrics to 'Just Like a Father Would' By Mercy River and print them out and send them to me in a letter, that would be fab. Thank yah.

So guess what?!?!??? Sharon & Donella finally have a baptism date!!!!! FINALLY. Holy cow it was a long haul but it has been so great to watch them change and recognize the Savior play a role in their lives. Their date is for January 18th :) Keep them in your prayers!!

And remind me on Wednesday to talk to you about Jen and the fun Christmas activities that we've been doing this holiday season. 

And I found out that Billy from Campbell Ward, (My first area) Is getting baptized too!!! And Mahylee and her family are preparing to go through the temple!!!!! Gosh it's so cool to see your hard work pay off :)

So my agenda for Christmas eve and Christmas is this: 

On Christmas Eve we are going to a Christmas Conference in the morning with the WHOLE mission so 350 missionaries in one building. It is going to be awesome. It starts at 10 and goes til about 3 or 4. Then we have some service opportunities we are going to do and then we have dinner at 6 with the Brown's and we are going to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows!! Then at midnight a few missionaries got permission to go to the Catholic Midnight Mass and we got invited to go so we are going to do that.. bizarre I know.. but it will be fun. 

THEN on Christmas we are waking up at 6:30 like usual and I'm going to pounce on Sister Cook and tell her to WAKEEEEE UPPPPPPP! And we are going to open our presents and head to the George's around 10 to set everything up and make sure it works and then Sister Cook is going to talk to her family at 11 and I get to talk with my lovely family at noonish. Don't panic if it's a little later, Sister Cook needs some extra time with her family. Then we are just going to do service all day until dinner at 6 with the Skinner's and then try to visit some older people in the ward and bring them some Christmas Cheer!! I'm so stoked!!

Love you guys!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas :)
Love you Love you Love you & Can't wait to see your faces!!

Love always, Little Sister Walker 

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