Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kellee's Farewell to the MTC!! June 12, 2013 - OFF she goes!!! :(

      The Saddest day of my life as her MoM, But ohhh so Proud of her!!!  
I should have posted this sooner, but have been unable to see these pictures or even use her phone to download the pics til today, is was just toooo hard.  Thanks Austin, for helping me!
She was soooo excited and ready, it was the rest of us that had the hard time.  It was preceded by two days of Manic packing and then I realized she had WAY TOO MANY outfits!! Yes, she will be the best dressed  Sister in the Mission.  Hopefully she will send some clothes back home before she leaves the MTC, so she can pass the 50# limit on her bags!!  
The drop off was full of tears and long hugs, but we know she is where she is to be at this time of her life.  She will be able to grow, learn, share her sweetness, set high goals and complete a faithful and obedient mission for her Heavenly Father. 
Thanks to everyone who helped her acheive this goal and supported and encouraged her.  Thanks for all who helped with the Farewell lunch at our home.  She loves you all and wanted me to let you know.  
Remember to write her.  The best way until this Friday the 21st, is Dear Elder.  She will receive the letter the same day if it is submitted by 1200 noon.  It doesn't cost to send it to the MTC, but you can make a donation if you like!  Also, the UPS store in PG, by Macey's, will deliver packages everyday at 3 pm.  It cost 5$, and is free on Friday's!
After the 21st, it would be best to send mail/packages to the Mission home address. Her addresses are on her Facebook page, I will try to learn how to get her Farewell announcement card on this blog somehow.

MTC Address:

Sister Kellee Jo Walker
2011 N  900 E Unit  252
Provo, UT  84602

In The Field Address:

Sister Kellee Jo Walker
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 Chapala Drive
Tucson, AZ  85704-4516
United States

Kellee will leave for Tucson on June 24th.  We don't know what time yet, but hopefully we get a letter from her tomorrow (Monday).  
We did recieve a Postcard from her (thanks Aunt Suzi for telling us about the postcard thing!)so we know that her companion is Sister Garner from Cedar City, the hardest thing so far is finding her way around the MTC, she is eating lots of ice cream, she says she is nervous, Happy, and Excited. Not to bad of responses for the 2nd day of the MTC!
(Mom was not in the photo's above, because I was on strict camera duty by Kellee's request!, I did give her a big tearful wet hug!)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just sitting here with my Daughter Missionary who is finishing her packing!  It's kind of funny to see her stress a little bit!!!!  She now is seeing my wisdom, that I have been encouraging her for weeks to start early in her packing, but no......she is now just starting!  She spent time at Walmart last night buying her things that she could have bought a month ago!!  Oh well!!!  Here she GOES!!!!