Monday, December 29, 2014

December 17 2014

And she successfully made it home.
What a beautiful day this was.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - December 8, 2014

I'll Be Home For Christmas (:


Guys, I am literally freakin out. Like it's not even funny how much my insides want to explode. 

I think God knew i needed to chill out so He blessed me with some kind of cold. I had a pretty good fever of 100.6 all day and most of the night, I had an achy body and a sore throat and a stuffy nose. So Sister Passey said to sleep it off.   I feel a lot better now but my insides really want to explode. That was yesterday that I stayed home all day so i missed all seven hours of church..But oooohhh was it needed. 

Aside from being sick, here is what happened this week:

We had our Trainer/Trainee meeting at the North Stake Center which was awesome because i got to reminisce from when i served in the north (:  That took up most of our day because its forever away from where we live so we did a lot of driving that day. (Mom, you'd be impressed with my driving skills, lots of practice) 

Funny that you should mention Oreo Truffles.. I made a huge batch of them for the Ward Christmas Party and they were a hit!!  Everyone loved them and it was just great fun (: 

The leaves here are finally starting to change color a little bit. We were driving to Connie's house (a less active lady) and there was this random patch of yellow trees!! So we stopped and took pictures of them by the bridge (: 

Then we had District Meeting, which is always really enjoyable and needed (:  I love all the missionaries in the whoooooooooole world. What a sacrifice!!!

Then we went and saw the Knoll's and they had baby kitties!!!! I hope you know i'm most likely going to beg you for one when i get home. A wittle kitty wiff its wittle eyes and wittle paws! awhhhhhhhhh someone needs a home for Christmas!!! (: hehehe

Then we got a referral from a member to go visit their neighbor, Rose.   So we went over there and she was soooo sick. I don't know what she had but she literally seemed soooo miserable. So we gave her our number and told her we'd come back after she got some rest. Poor lady! I hope she is feeling better!

So yeaaaahhh that's whats been goin on ovah here!  Besides me packin my all the stuff i've collected, and getting a hair cut (: 
and visiting with members to tell them thank you And i found out Hailey is engaged? like whaaaat?!??  Awesome!!!!

Things are crazy. And i expect they will continue to be crazy, even after i get home. But i have a lot of comfort knowing that you will be there with me every step of the way. 

That's about it (:   I love you all soooo very much. And i'll be seeing you soon. Literally..

Okay bye. <3

The calendar says it's Christmas time...

But in Arizona it's more like fall.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - December 1, 2014

They Call Me Oreo Lover

Oh hey guys (: 

Whew, talk about a fattening week!! I ATE SO MUCH FLIPPIN FOOD. it was awesome. y'all would be proud. haha

So here is a rundown of our thanksgiving. 

At 10:00am the Epperson's took us to Golden Corral.. oh my gosh, hilarious right?! It was so funny and surprisingly PACKED. there was a line out the door and weaving through the cars. all you can eat thanksgiving right? HAHAH 

so then we went over to Bishop Merrill's house (in Cienega ward) and we played this game called Corn Toss, which i will for sure teach y'all when i get home! in the summer time though.. haha can't really play it in the winter. and then i ate lots of ice cream, no pie though because well, i don't really like pie. and then we went to the Tanner's and they had made me a whole pie for myself.. but it wasn't a regular pie, it was The Pie of All Pies: OREO CREAM PIE. I've eaten the whole pie already. hahaha whoops. then we went to the Bingham's and had a turkey sanwhich with cranberry sauce (: YUM!!
Needless to say, I ate a crap load of food and i am so satisfied. 

There's really not a lot to tell about this week because everyone and their dog was out of town.. we tried a lot of people and knocked on a lot of doors but there wasn't a lot of success. 

I did get your letter though mom (: i got it on saturday!! AND I LOVED IT!

Tell Eliza i say HELLO!!!!! 

I am so anxious and excited to see everyone! 
But i still have 17 days to find someone who needs christ in their life. 

I love being a missionary, i love this gospel and i love my savior. 

have a great week y'all. 
love always, Sister Walker

Sister Charles caught her first lizard.  She is now official

This is the face missionaries pull when an investigator cancels on them (ha ha just kidding)

Christmas Saguaro instead of a Christmas Tree - This is how they do it in the AZ

December 1st and it's just barely fall in AZ.  

Our cute Sister Walker - Doing the Tucson Mission proud!

Not sure about the monument - but it's a cute picture of Kellee!

Cute Sisters

But first --- Let me take a Selfie.  What cute girls!