Monday, March 31, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Another Hello from Another Week

Hey there family!!

I am sitting in the apartment clubhouse and there are kids in here running around like hoodlums and they are watching toystory and we can't take these computers out of here. It's really hard to FOCUS so please bare with me if this doesn't make sense. hahaha

This week has been a really good one filled with A LOT of service!! We had the opportunity to work on a ranch with horses and pigs and cows and goats and chickens! In my other life, I really think I would be a cow girl. We got to groom the horses and give them a bath and it was the funniest thing to see horses acting like dogs. hahaha and then we braided their mane and cleaned their stalls and their hoofs! And we planted her garden and fed all the animals! It was seriously soooo fun! (: I bet keaton wouldn't be able to clean up horse pee and poop like I did (: But yeah that was really fun!!

Sister Delap heard about her Visa!! She heard is was going to be another 3 to 4 months because she has to get an FBI clearance.. So we drove to downtown Tucson in the ghettos to go to the Pima Sheriffs Department to get her fingerprints and then I took her to get her very first Sanoran Hot Dog (: She loved it of course!! I can't wait to have you guys try one!
Also while we were in downtown Tucson, we drove right past my old area so I decided it would be prime to stop by and visit my recent convert, Elizabeth (: I'm sure you remember Elizabeth! Well it was just plum wonderful!! She is doing sooooooo well. Things with her husband didn't work out AT ALL (more details to come) and so they are getting an annulment(sp?) but man it was sooo great to see her and to see that she is still doing so well. I'm excited for you to meet her too!

In other news, I asked one of the Elders to give me a priesthood blessing to help me out a little bit. I've really been struggling with self worth. It was great to have 4 Elders stand around me an have them be the voice of my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for that Priesthood Power. Without it, we would be lost.

ALSO!! A member in the ward gave me a piece of her jade plant and I named it Saylor Jade. And Sister Delap named hers Blake. But that's just a random thought. hahaha

Mom, Did you go to the womans conference?!??? IT WAS AMAZING (: (: (: We took our investigator Kim & she absolutely soaked it up. It was lovely!

well folks, sounds like you are all supa busy!! The house is lookin awesome!! And Keaton, you are huge. Stop that right now mister. I think you've out grown me, like you're taller than me..? Whaaa? Whyyyyy?!

Okay but for reals, I had a great week and I realized that I only have like 5 transfers left basically....... woah time is flyin.

I love you guys sooooo much and I hope you have a great week filled with sunshineeee! It's been like 90 degrees the past 2 days..I LOVE IT. I don't know if I can go back to utah.

Love always, Sister Kellee Walker

Our very own Lola

Saylor Jade

Sanoran Hot Dogs anyone?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 24, 2014

And Then Comes the Heat

March 24, 2014

First of all, The weather here is wonderful!! I am sooooooo happy to be here and not in Utah.. hahaha (: None of that 60 degree weather you're talking about. We are all the way up in the 80's this week which has been super duper!

So there has been a lot of great things happen this week and I don't really know where to begin so i'll kinda just scatter all over the place. Enjoy!!

Another wonderful week!! I have just been so full of gratitude and joy lately and i really really like it. I think a lot of it has to do with my prayers. I've been focusing my prayers more on others and to make them more meaningful. I've just really been feelings gods love for me and it makes me happy! We also had zone conference this week which was soooo fun!! Three other zones got together and we had like an all day training on repentance and how to teach our investigators to repent and how to repent ourselves! We learned that there are now around 80 sisters in the missions which is one third of all the missionaries here!! Crazy right? I also learned a lot about meekness and I learned that it is a mix between humility and reverence. It involves being quiet enough, both spiritually and physically so that we can hear the still small voice. It doesn't exactly mean, "Be silent", but more like "be humble enough to pay attention." I learned that meekness allows the channels of revelation to be opened and humility means we receive revelation when it comes. So basically being meek enough to receive an answer. 

And something you said Mom that really has got me thinking a lot lately was when you were quoting Aunt Jill when she said that missionaries have a protective bubble around them and Satan can't break that bubble. Well here is my opinion on that one. There are soooo many ways Satan gets to the missionaries. He can't get us with Media like he can with the world, but he gets us with our thoughts and our actions. He finds ways to tell us we know nothing and to get us discouraged. Almost from the moment we wake up, he's there, whispering and making us feel so small. I don't think people fully understand the trials and pressures that missionaries go through. I know we aren't supposed to let our selves get discouraged but it's hard when satan is constantly at your side. Our bodies are physically exhausted. It doesn't matter how many naps we take, We're still exhausted. Our spirit gets exhausted sometimes too and then the inadequate thoughts come. I have found great strength though in D&C 78:17-19. I truly am a little child and physically cannot bear all things so i need to be of good cheer because he will lead me along. and the promise is that if i receive all with thankfulness,i shall be made glorious and the blessings of eternity will be mine. So yes, things aren't always bright and beautiful, but when you are striving to become like Christ and you're living up to the covenant's you  made at baptism, you can find beauty in ALL things. I promise you that. And so here are some goals I decided to write in my journal and share with you!!

Let go of what I cannot control.
Listen to the spirit, not negativity.
Expect challenges to come to loved ones & respect their choices
Ask the Lord to help me see my weaknesses so they can become strengths.
Fast and pray for understanding and strength
And Forget Myself and Go to Work.

So there you have it. This week has mostly been a wake up call for me. It's been good though. I've just been worried so much about missing things with my friends and family.. but honestly, I have the rest of eternity to catch up with them, when I only have 18 months to do this important work. It's just a struggle sometimes, that's all. 
But I found this quote that i really liked by Elder Busche.
"The pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment. It is the fear or the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesitate to do it." 

I hope you guys have a good week. Because I'll be praying for you guys (:

Love you tons. Love, Sister Walker

p.s. The house is going to look soooo different!! It's freaking me out!
p.s.s WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do. It's a grown up way to say CTR
p.s.s.s I have received the package with the doterra foot stuff and contacts and medical history stuff. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My foot has been burning and that foot stuff has been helping little by little so thank you. and thanks for the contacts!
p.s.s.s.s DO YOUR HOMEWORK KEATON! You'll regret it, i promise!!

I think i answered all your questions. (:
Love you all.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 17, 2014

Let's Get Down To Business

March 17, 2014

Keaton!! You are so freaking grown up!! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! I can't believe how huge you are!! And the outlines of your shoes and feet?! Holy crud, my feet are so small compared to yours! I outlined mine over yours and I'm sending them home so you can see. hahaha it's so funny! I don't even want to know how huge your hands are! Plus, in all the pictures, you're like as tall as mom. Totally not okay. That means you are as tall or even taller than me. When did you grow up? :'( I feel kind of like i'm missing out on the most important part of your life.. Will you promise me that we will spend a LOT of time together when I get home? And have sleep overs in the trailer and go to taco amigo together to get fries and dr pepper? GOOD! And congrats with your ballroom! I'm excited to watch the videos mom has of you!! I really am soooo proud of you Keaton! Keep up the great work!! And write me more letters about how things are going! And draw me pictures (: LOVE YOU!!

Mom!! I'm not sure what DropBox is? But all i know is as of now, we aren't allowed to watch videos..? But I will double check with President and let you know!! And for my poor little feet's.. I have been taking ibuprofen and icing it and using my orthodics.. hahaha (: It's not so much that it hurts, but it is more uncomfortable and it feels like it snags and then it burns. A lot of the time I have a really strange burning sensation around the bone part of my foot. So maybe ask dr foot man (I kinda forgot his name) And let me know what he says!! And I'll talk to sister killpack about it just so she is aware of the situation!! Also, I'm getting my hair cut today for freeeeeeee! (: I'm excited but a little nervous. And thank you mom for making my birthday and hump day a special one! It was already special because I spent it serving, but you guys just spoiled me rotten!! So thank you for that (: I'm sending a package home filled with things that are just taking up room along with my old purse. The new one you sent is PERFECT! It fits my scriptures and wallet and everything perfectly. Plus it's cute, so BONUS! I think I answered all your questions.. haha sorry. Did you get my package I sent a while ago that had some shoes and markers in it? LOVE YOU!!

Dad!! I love you so so so so so much!! How did I get so blessed with a wonderful papa who loves me with all his heart and is so willing to sacrifice and help me with anything & everything? I have just been feeling very full of love lately & I really like it (: Thank you for finding my orthodics.. hahaa Silly me. So forgetful. I have been wearing them everyday since and have seen a wee bit of progress with pain, so thank you!! And the kitchen looks soooooo awesome!! It is going to be so strange walking into a new house!! How is Teeko doing? I miss him a lot. Is he blind yet? Does he still bark at helicopters? OH! Speaking of air travel.. did you know there is an air show in Tucson this weekend? ;) Sounds like your kinda party, yeah? Also, you should grow a beard again. LOVE YOU!! 

WOAH! My 10 minute warning went off so I better type faster!!
Here is a run down of my week:

On my birthday, we had our regular studies and then Sister Delap and I had an 11:00 Celebration Hour where mustaches were worn, gifts were opened and many funs were had! Then we went over to our investigators house (Ariel and Lux) to watch the Restoration DVD with them and Lux was in her room and apparently was having a bad day. So Ariel was all like, "Sister Walker, maybe you should try talking to her." So I went over to her room, knocked on her door and we had an awesome heart to heart about boys and life and let me tell ya guys, it was just like talking to a little sister! I loved it soooo much (: I was able to comfort her and relate to her in so many ways!! Then we watched the DVD and it was just perfect. The spirit was able to be with us and testify of truth. Then we met this lovely lady named Josie (pernounced jozee) and I decided i really like that name. But anyways, we had a nice discussion with her and unfortunately she isn't in our area so we passed her off to the other sisters. And then the Browns in the ward spoiled me with my favorite dinner (: It was a perfect birthday. Serving the Lord and celebrating my life Heavenly Father has given me. I can honestly say I don't think I've ever thought of a birthday in that way before. It was a great experience for me!!

Then it was my 9 month mark and we went out to cold stone and I got Sweet Cream ice cream and Cookie Dough (: YUM!! Less than 9 months to go.. Its so strange how time works as a missionary. 

ALSO!! Even though Sharon and Donella aren't in our ward boundaries any more, we got permission to have dinner with them on Saturday and oh man, they are strong converts!! They both have callings already and are loving the church!! (: I hope you get to meet them one day, they are amazing amazing people & I have loved being part of their conversion!! That goes for all the people I've been able to work with (: We totally are visiting here a lot after my mish.

Welp, I love you all so so so much and i pray for you every chance I get.
Give my love to the Wrights and Kylee as well.
Everyone is getting married.. i don't like it.
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

until next week,
Sister Kellee Walker

My Birthday Mustache

 Yep - I'm a princess and this is my tiara!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

20 Years Old & Hump Day All in One Week?!!!

Hey there folks!!

Thank you sooooooo much for the many emails from family & friends! That was so special and it touched my heart! I have great support from so many people and how blessed I am for the family (extended included) I've been given. Without a doubt in my mind, I know we are eternal and that I was sent to you for a reason. I love you so much & I can't wait for that first bear hug when I get off that plane (:

Mom, you'll never guess what, but I got all 5 packages in one day!! I got them on Saturday!! And I opened the first 2 that you said I could and we decorated the apartment and gosh it's sooooooo cute!! Thank you for all the hard work you do mama. You are the best! (: 
Okay I don't have a lot of time because I read everyone's emails.. hahaha so here is a quick rundown of my week.

On monday right after I emailed you, We went to the grocery store and what do ya know... Sister Walker locked the keys in the car. hahaha So that was fun.. ahaha 

I have an adopted portuguese grandmother, "Minha Avo" her name is Zezzy and she has no grandchildren and adopted me as her child. She's adorable and I'll take a picture sometime and send it to you! (: 

Sister Delap made me try Miso Soup and it was okaaaaay.. but if disease had a smell, it would be Miso Soup.

I talked to president about serving on the reservation and he said it is very possible for me to serve there, but elders are over the area right now but in his email he said, "I will pray about it and we will have to see what the Lord has in store for you next transfer ;)" THAT WOULD BE SOOOOOO COOL!

I got to play with baby pigs.... I want one so badly still. You thought i was over that, well NOPE i still am obsessed with the little cuties!

And last but not least by any means; Sister Delap and I got chased by ravonus coyotes saturday night and almost died. but it's all good. hahahah I'll tell you more about it next week.

I love you all so much and i'm excited to open all the boxes!! You guys spoil me. 
And tell keaton to write me more. hahaha thats awesome that lax is starting! Tell him that we've been playing rugby at pday sports (: BE JEALOUS!

Give Brendan a hug for me too and celebrate by eating lots of white cupcakes!! (:

Love always,
Sister Kellee Jo Walker

PS: Tell aunt jill i got her card and gift (:

Nice Piggie

He's soooo cute.  Can I keep him?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 5, 2014

March 5, 2014

Miracles from the stake fast

Hey folks!
So I was asked (just last week) by a lady who represents the mission to do a write up on the Rincon Stake Fast back in November.
Here is what I sent to her!
Hopefully it is okay!! (: Let me know what you think!

Being a missionary is great guys.
I truly love it, even though it is killer hard, i am having the time of my life.

I love you.
Be safe and remember how much I care for you.

Love always, Sister Kellee Jo Walker

When I first got transferred to Rincon Stake, the upcoming Sunday was fast Sunday and my companion informed me that there would be a special fast not only by just the ward, but including the entire stake! Before my mission, I was never forced to participate in fasting. It is a personal matter between you and the Lord and I never felt the need to fast. But from the beginning of my mission, I made a goal for myself to fast with a purpose and how overjoyed I was to hear that the whole stake and everyone within would be participating in a special fast, with a special purpose: Missionary Work.

It was amazing to me how the moment we stepped foot inside the church building, we could literally feel the support from the members and it didn't stop there! For weeks after the fast, we continued to see miracle after miracle; non-members walking into the church, people finding a card in the gutter, people being interested in church tours, referrals from members, the list goes on and on! It was incredible to see the members get so excited for missionary work! Especially as we would bring our investigators to church and invite them to come teach with us. The ward unity increased and we could physically see the 'hastening of the work' happening right before us as we worked shoulder to shoulder.

"When we fast and pray with faith, we are more receptive to receiving answers to our prayers and blessings from the Lord. He promises that He will guide us continually." (Preach My Gospel pg 79)

I know that as we strive to fast with a specific purpose and pray with faith, we will receive the blessings we so desire.

"...blessed are all they that put their trust in Him." -Psalms 2:12

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

Tucson has corrupted me...

It is 75 degrees outside and I feel the need to wear a jacket... HELP!! Also, I survived transfers!! (: I'm with Sister Delap another transfer!! That means 6 months in Rincon which is pretty unheard of in this mission! I must be doing a great job!! HA just kidding, lets be humble.

So let me fill you in on the deets. Sister Delap is waiting for her Visa to go to Brazil. And Brazil can only take so many people a month, therefore she waits. As a mission, They hardly EVER pull visa waiters out of their area in the middle of a transfer. They usually always wait until the end of the transfer and then send them to their mission. So she is for sure stuck with Miss Drama Queen, Sister Walker (: HAHAH

Well folks, this week has been a great one!! The dedication for the Gilbert Temple was on Sunday and we got to go!! (: It was a really cool experience! I remember going to one once before when I was younger but I think I have more appreciation for it now that I'm older! There was a lot of really cool things said and the spirit was very very strong!! I wrote about it in my journal so we will have to look through it together when I get home!!
That is so awesome that Mark is coming home TODAY! Will you pleeeeassssssseeeeeeeee tell him that Sister Walker says hello!! I am very grateful for the friendship we have and I hope we can still have that friendship after all these years!! He is a spectacular young man & I'm excited to hear all about his mission!! So please tell him hello. And bishop too. I like him a lot (:

So basically the week has been really slow but we have worked reeeeeally hard which makes it all worth it in the end (: We actually have 2 new investigators that we are working with and they are 14 year sisters!! They have been coming to mutual and have such a strongggg desire to be baptized, which i think is incredible!! (See Keaton, Mutual isn't all THAT bad!! When you embrace it, you'll find that it brings a lot of fun memories!!) The 2 sisters are actually adopted, so it's really fun for me to bond with them that way and they are just like little sisters to me. I LOVE IT. Their names are Ariel and Lux.

Other than that, we have just been working really hard to get the work moving again. We talk to EVERYONE! Literally EVERYONE. At first it was kinda hard for me to do that, but now I just love it. I love people and I love interacting with them and getting to know them on a more personal level. The work is great guys. It really is. I hope Mom and Dad get an opportunity to serve a mission together. And you too Keaton. Make it your goal now to serve so when the times comes, you'll already have your mind made up.

Well, I'm kinda out of ideas. Hahaha this morning was crazy. we had to pick up some sisters from the transfer site reaaaaaally early and there was a bit of a fiasco with housing. And one of the sisters got her garments stolen.... But it all worked out. hahaha people are so dumb sometimes.

OH OH one more thing. I made a goal to read the bible and I'm in Exodus right now and holy crap it is sooooo strange. But I am actually really enjoying it (: I miss reading and having time to sit down and read. ENJOY IT MOM and find time to read. hahaha

Alrighty I love you all so very much.
Keaton, I am soooooo proud of you and I'm so excited to see the pictures mom is sending me!! Find time to write me a letter yeah? I miss you most probs. But don't tell mom and dad. hahah

Be safe and remember,

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN A WEEEEEEEK!! (:  hahaha celebrate hard for me okay? Eat lots of white cake with no frosting and buy 20 big balloons and then suck all the helium out and sound like noobs. hahaha love you
Also, I'm going to send home my SD Card sometime soon cause it's full but make sure you get all the pictures from all the folders. and send me a new card? Thanks

Love always, Sister 20 year old Walker (:

Sweet Sister Walker!

Sweet Sister Delap