Monday, March 24, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - March 24, 2014

And Then Comes the Heat

March 24, 2014

First of all, The weather here is wonderful!! I am sooooooo happy to be here and not in Utah.. hahaha (: None of that 60 degree weather you're talking about. We are all the way up in the 80's this week which has been super duper!

So there has been a lot of great things happen this week and I don't really know where to begin so i'll kinda just scatter all over the place. Enjoy!!

Another wonderful week!! I have just been so full of gratitude and joy lately and i really really like it. I think a lot of it has to do with my prayers. I've been focusing my prayers more on others and to make them more meaningful. I've just really been feelings gods love for me and it makes me happy! We also had zone conference this week which was soooo fun!! Three other zones got together and we had like an all day training on repentance and how to teach our investigators to repent and how to repent ourselves! We learned that there are now around 80 sisters in the missions which is one third of all the missionaries here!! Crazy right? I also learned a lot about meekness and I learned that it is a mix between humility and reverence. It involves being quiet enough, both spiritually and physically so that we can hear the still small voice. It doesn't exactly mean, "Be silent", but more like "be humble enough to pay attention." I learned that meekness allows the channels of revelation to be opened and humility means we receive revelation when it comes. So basically being meek enough to receive an answer. 

And something you said Mom that really has got me thinking a lot lately was when you were quoting Aunt Jill when she said that missionaries have a protective bubble around them and Satan can't break that bubble. Well here is my opinion on that one. There are soooo many ways Satan gets to the missionaries. He can't get us with Media like he can with the world, but he gets us with our thoughts and our actions. He finds ways to tell us we know nothing and to get us discouraged. Almost from the moment we wake up, he's there, whispering and making us feel so small. I don't think people fully understand the trials and pressures that missionaries go through. I know we aren't supposed to let our selves get discouraged but it's hard when satan is constantly at your side. Our bodies are physically exhausted. It doesn't matter how many naps we take, We're still exhausted. Our spirit gets exhausted sometimes too and then the inadequate thoughts come. I have found great strength though in D&C 78:17-19. I truly am a little child and physically cannot bear all things so i need to be of good cheer because he will lead me along. and the promise is that if i receive all with thankfulness,i shall be made glorious and the blessings of eternity will be mine. So yes, things aren't always bright and beautiful, but when you are striving to become like Christ and you're living up to the covenant's you  made at baptism, you can find beauty in ALL things. I promise you that. And so here are some goals I decided to write in my journal and share with you!!

Let go of what I cannot control.
Listen to the spirit, not negativity.
Expect challenges to come to loved ones & respect their choices
Ask the Lord to help me see my weaknesses so they can become strengths.
Fast and pray for understanding and strength
And Forget Myself and Go to Work.

So there you have it. This week has mostly been a wake up call for me. It's been good though. I've just been worried so much about missing things with my friends and family.. but honestly, I have the rest of eternity to catch up with them, when I only have 18 months to do this important work. It's just a struggle sometimes, that's all. 
But I found this quote that i really liked by Elder Busche.
"The pain of sacrifice lasts only one moment. It is the fear or the pain of sacrifice that makes you hesitate to do it." 

I hope you guys have a good week. Because I'll be praying for you guys (:

Love you tons. Love, Sister Walker

p.s. The house is going to look soooo different!! It's freaking me out!
p.s.s WWJD stands for What Would Jesus Do. It's a grown up way to say CTR
p.s.s.s I have received the package with the doterra foot stuff and contacts and medical history stuff. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My foot has been burning and that foot stuff has been helping little by little so thank you. and thanks for the contacts!
p.s.s.s.s DO YOUR HOMEWORK KEATON! You'll regret it, i promise!!

I think i answered all your questions. (:
Love you all.

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