Monday, September 8, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 8, 2014

The Week of Meetings

Hey there family (: 

This week has been so spiritually draining. In a way, I kind of understand why all the prophets in the Book of Mormon passed out after they had all those spiritual experiences! Even like Joseph Smith, after he saw God and Jesus, he just lay on the ground for hours before he gained his strength back! We had 3 loooooooong, amazing, spirit filled meetings this week!!
The first one was on Wednesday: District Meeting and we all woke up super early and decided to go hiking through the desert and that's exactly what we did! We packed our little backpacks with some water and snacks and started hiking. We hiked, and hiked and hiked til we found some shade and decided to have combined District Meeting with our Zone right there in the desert. I don't think you can actually understand how spirit filled it was, but just imagine a bunch of missionaries sitting under a tree with dirt, rocks, the sun, cacti and bugs. Doesn't sound very spiritual but let me tell yah, it sure was!! We all were given the opportunity to stand in front of our fellow missionaries and bare testimony to them of the importance of this beloved gospel. I am so grateful for the missionaries I serve with. All around the world there are 87,000 missionaries who are doing exactly what I am doing and it touches my soul to know that Heavenly Father is walking with each of us to hasten His work. 

Then on Thursday, President Passey wanted to meet with all 12 of the Sister Training Leaders and discuss the needs of our sisters and what we can to do be great leaders. It was so great to put my input into such a great group of missionaries and to know that what we are discussing will ultimately help the beautiful sisters in this mission. We found out that there are 78 sisters in our mission and by the time I go home in December, 50% of them will have gone home. So between Sister Barnes transfer in November and my transfer in December, 50 % of the sisters in our mission will be gone! Talk about the wave of missionaries right?! Hahaha it's crazy!!

So I must have forgotten to tell you about my extension. I talked with President after praying and I decided for my own personal health and needs, that I should just go home in December. And President gave me his cute little smile and said, "That works out just perfect because I am only able to allow you to stay an extra 30 days but the next transfer isn't until February so I would need to get approval from the first presidency. So that works out great." 

Okay anyways. So then on Friday we had ANOTHER mlc and it lasted almost all day.. we talked all about the needs of the mission and what we can do to "Bring The Mission To a Higher Level". Like I said before, I am so grateful for the missionaries that I get to serve around. They are all such great examples and leaders and I am learning so so so so much!!

We also went on exchanges with Sister Yarborough and Sister Brown. I have been Sister Yarboroughs STL since she came to the mission, 7 months ago! How crazy is that? I love her very much, and i hope you know, I've made a billion new friends so you better get excited to meet them ALL when they get home.

As for my sweet Brendan, holy cow he looks dang good. hahaha you all look great!!
I can't believe how grown up Keaton is.. it freaks me out.
Please give his mama a great big hug for me.
Can I just tell you..? I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HIM AGAIN
We have had quite a roller coaster of events happen over 3 years and 3 months..
But I am so grateful for him. and for all his support.
He has been there every step of the way & I cannot repay him for all he has helped me with.
I am just extremely grateful for our letters. They create a great story back and forth over the years.
I'm excited to sit down with him and remember all the time apart.

Be safe this week!!
The weather here has been nuts!
Some pretty scary monsoons & the weather has gotten FREEZING!
I am going to die when I come home.. to SNOW.

I love you all.
Have a great week!
Don't be too busy.

Love always, Sister Kellee Walker

Ps: Don't forget to read your scriptures!


Wow - momma Becky has her own street (sort of )

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