Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 2, 2014

Happy LABOR Day (D&C 18:15,16)

Hey there my lovely family (:   Oh how grateful I am for all you do and for who you are!!
I feel your love and prayers each and every day!! So thank you for that. 

Okay so on to the good stuff!

This week was incredible!!
There were so many cool experiences that I had and I am so so so grateful for the love i feel from my Savior.

We had the special opportunity to be visited by a member of the second quorum of the seventy, Elder and Sister Malm! And as leaders in the mission, we were asked to drive all the way out to Benson and have a missionary leadership council (MLC) with Elder Malm!! I cannot explain to you how great of an experience that was for me.
He was able to pin point each of our concerns as leaders and ultimately help us feel of our Saviors love for us as individuals. The spirit was soooo strong. I can't wait to go over my notes with you so maybe you can feel the same way I did!!

The next day we had zone conference with Elder Malm and again, we learned sooooo much!
But what was most touching to me was that after the conference, Elder Malm picked a few missionaries to interview and he picked ME!!  So I got the opportunity to sit in a room with an apostle of the Lord and ask him any question I had. He asked me a few questions in return and the one question that stood out to me the most was this, "What is your standing with God? Are you worthy?"  How great it felt to be able to look him in the eyes and say, "Yes, I know the Lord has forgiven me of my mistakes and I am worthy to serve him." Elder Malm is a great man & is lead so much by the spirit of the Lord.  I hope to one day be just like that!! We also talked a lot about the difference between the spirit within us and the natural man. He had a really cool analogy about the armor God has given us. I'll have to share that with you when I get home!

This week we also went on exchanges (just like every week) and we I left my area and went with Sister O'Hara in her area! And after a crazy turn of events, I found out that my recent convert, Brenda Bell, moved into their ward!! So we were able to take some time to go see her and she ended up feeding us dinner and we were able to catch up!!

Gosh, it was amazing (: We also had a sweet lesson with the girl named Tumeh. She is from Tiwan. It was soooo wonderful to feel so much christ-like love for someone that I didn't really know. But we connected really well and I truly hope I will get the opportunity to see her again!!

And we were able to see a less active man, Terry who we've been trying to see for a LOOONG time.
We had an awesome lesson and he said he would come to church.. but wasn't there. BUT good thing is, we get to keep trying!

On Sunday, since it was the 5th Sunday, during the third hour they had combined RS and Priesthood and they asked us to give a training on fasting because they are doing a ward fast next sunday for an opportunity to invite someone to learn more!! How exciting is that?! This ward is great (: It just helps me to have more gratitude for Bishop Veenker and for all he does. I love that man so much! I hope he knows!

And yesterday we got to go to pepper sauce caves again (: And we took like a 2 hour nap and caught up on a lot of our lost sleep. Being a STL, you lose a lot of sleep. But I couldn't be more happy!!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day!
I love you all.
And am so grateful to call you my FAMILY!!

Sister Kellee Walker

Sister Malm 

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