Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - September 30, 2014

On To New Adventures

Oh my goodness, what a crazy turn of events!

I don't have a lot of time, unfortunately but let me fill you in on the changes!  So yes, after 6 months in Countryside Ward, they finally kicked me out.  And you'll never guess where I am (: 

BACK IN RINCON!! (: (: (: 

I don't know if you realize it, but this will most likely be my last area which means 9 months in Rincon (: Hahahaha YAY!! I am so excited (: I'm not in Saguaro Park ward again but I am over two wards, Cienega and Desert Willow wards!  

My companions name is Sister Huffman and she is from California! She has been out for 12 weeks and so i'm doing her follow up training and have been stepped out of being a STL. I am so grateful for the LOOOONG time i was able to serve as a sister training leader but i'm excited to be back to normal missionary life (: 

Sister Barnes is still a STL in Countryside ward and then after this transfer, she goes home! And then after that, I COME HOME!! Holy crap, right? 

Well my time is up, i'm sorry its so short but when I get the address of my new place, i'll let you know! 


Just a heads up, Brother Ashby from Countryside ward should be stopping by sometime this week to drop off my other plants and a box of my things. Don't open the box until i get home okay? Also, when i start sending things home, how do you want me to go about doing that? I need to start thinking about that stuff. Scary!! 

Well, i love you. 
Talk to you next week !!

Love always, 
Sister Kellee Walker

Our District in our mexi ponchos

Kellee's Sistahs

Be proud, I held a snake!

Sister Huffman my new companion

By Buddy Elder Cooper

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