Monday, November 3, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - November 3, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Baby and Happy Halloween

Wassss up my homies?
hahaha this week has been, interesting to say the least. i left my note book at home, so i'll probably forget some stuff, but that's what journals are for right?  okay so first of all.. 

Mom.. you need to know that i am NOT trunky AT ALL. I know why i'm here and i'll be here until they force me on that stinky plane. Even then, i'll probably still be all missionary weird. HA but really, i am focused. And the only reason i was doing all this college stuff was because you wanted me to.. but if you want me to wait.. then i'll wait. 

I had a cool experience though when i went on the UVU website! I couldn't remember my password so i went to the UVhelp chat thing and talked to this guy. I started off by telling him i was a missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and that i would be coming home from my mission in December blah blah blah and towards the end of the chat after he gave me my password, he asked some SWEEEET questions about the church! I asked him if he would be interested in having the missionaries visit him and teach him more, he declined but i told him to check out and he said he would! WOOT WOOT missionary experiences everywhere you go!!

Also, that is insane crazy that so many people from our ward is coming home!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYONE AGAIN! But yeah, that's really exciting. Tell eliza lou i say hello, when she gets home and give her a hugggggg.

As for this week, since i'm short on time, as usual.. i'll make a list.

I got my temporary temple card to go to the Phoenix temple dedication!  We had stake conference this weekend and on Saturday, all the missionaries in Rincon stake sang in front of EVERYONE and it was awesome. 

We also had a special broadcast from the first presidency for Arizona only and it was perfect. there were a lot of talks on families and temples. and don't even get me started on all the babies in the chapel. I WAS DYING. i can't wait to hold a baby. hahaha

Sister Huffman and I had a great great great lesson with our investigators Daton and Cindy. They are the greatest. Daton is super analitical and old. It's great, he's a hoot. Cindy is just crazy!! We found them in our former section in our area book ( I LOVE FORMERS) pretty sure that's where i've found half the people i've taught on my mission.   But anyways, so we have been teaching them about joseph smith and basically Daton thinks its a bunch of hokus pokus and cindy believes it so daton's like, "If my wife believes it, it needs to be true!!" So he's been reading the book of mormon with us and LOVES IT! It's so great. They don't have a baptism date yet, but holy cow, they are so prepared!!

For Halloween, we had a curfew of 6:00 so we went home, drank some dr pepper, ate some pringles, i played the piano for a good 2 hours, and had some good girl talk. Sister huffman is amazing. I love her so muuuuuuch!

Also, we find out Saturday about transfers.. DUUUUDE i am flippin. MY LAST TRANSFER? WHAT THE HECK YO?   But i'm managing. As long as you let me sleep in a little bit. 6:30 every morning for a year and a half.. woah. my bags can't get much baggier. you might have to start calling them suitcases.. hahaha oh i'm funny. 

Anywho.. this week was great. Lots of less actives lessons and tracting in the desert. It's the only way to do it!!  We also went mining today with our District! SO FLIPPIN SWEET!  This whole adventuring thing is addicting.

OKAY my time is up. But i love you.
Love always,
Sister Kellee Jo Walker

Companions and BFF's

Mining - Fun Times!

The mining crew :)

More Companion Pictures - Beautiful Ladies!

Happy Halloween from Sister Walker!

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