Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 3, 2013

Also, Brendan is homeeeee!! <3
Holy cow, it blows my mind. I never thought this day would come, and now I'm not even there to see him! Please please please give him a hug for me!! Invite him over a lot and invite him to do things with you guys and tell him how proud I am of all his amazing accomplishments. I truly am so blessed to have him in my life and to have had his support through basically everything. I know I can always count on him. How blessed I feel  :) :) :)
Okay, so this week has been CRAZY. I have never ever ever been more exhausted in my life. It's weird, because I love it! We have a baptism this Saturday for an 11 year old girl named Mahylee. Isn't that a beautiful name. It's like Kylee but Mahylee. I think I want to name one of my girls Mahylee. She is Navajo Indian and absolutely beautiful. I am so lucky to have met her and have been able to teach her and spend time with her!! We also had a ward party this weekend which was so fun! Bro. Hall roasted a freaking pig in a pit of coals and then served it.. my gosh it was so gross. It was just laying there! I couldn't even eat it. But guess what Dad!?!?? I ate PIE! 2 different kinds! I had a butterfinger pie and a tripple berry pie. The berry one was a little too mushy for me but it was pretty good. BE PROUD. :) Also, Keaton! I am so excited for you to be playing Lacrosse! How cool is that? I'm not going to lie, I was surprised when you said you were actually doing a sport. Hahah but I'm really excited for you! You'll have to teach me how to play! So does that mean you aren't doing ballroom anymore? 

We went on exchanges today so i'm actually in a different area. And when I say different, I mean DIFFERENT. We are more out in the desert. Like literally in the freaking desert. We get to drive a beast truck which I LOVE and at night, holy cow. The stars are incredible. I think the only reason I would live here would be for the sky. Between the sunsets and the stars, it is one beautiful place. My companion for the day is Sister Gibby and she is from Tooele and guess what? She knew Seth!! It was crazy to just sit and talk about how crazy he was. hahah So this morning at 6:30 we went and did service at a horse hospital and it was soooo gross. All we did was scoop up their stinky poo. Who knew horses pee could smell so awful. You know how I am with smells.... I had to try my hardest not to throw up!!!! But it was fun to be around all the horses! It made me think of RANDY. How is he doing? 
Alrighty, I told you in a few of my other emails about "The Last Days" and I say that because it's so true. We are in the last days and Christ will be here before we know it. Going outside of my sheltered grove, I have seen how wicked people are and how much corruption there is. And it truly scares me!! We know that there will not be another Apostasy since we are in the Latter Days (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) and we read all about the signs of when Christ will come. I am so grateful of the knowledge we have of this gospel. And I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to repent and become spotless so that when He does come, we will be ready. Mom, you said it frightens you that we are in the last days, but honestly if you are doing all you can to be the best, there is nothing to worry about! Christ will judge us according to our works and I know without a doubt that we are fine. We will be an eternal family and that is a BEAUTIFUL blessing. Continue to read your scriptures, pray as a family and alone and be excited for church. Dad, PLEASE listen to the scriptures on your way to work and home. I cannot stress how important that is! I know it may sound dumb to you, but it would mean the world to not only me, but to our Father in Heaven. He has given us the scriptures as a tool to grow closer to him and we are taking them for granted! We don't take worldly things with us when we go to heaven. We won't have the music we have now, we won't have the cars or the boats, we won't have Television. We take our knowledge of the gospel and our family. That's all that God knows we need to be successful. And Keaton, PLEASE be excited to go to church!! A lot of the time, we meet many Less Actives who don't understand why it is so important to go to church. Why can't we just worship him at the cabin? Why can't we talk to God in our homes? We can! But there is one important thing you CANNOT do at home. And that is partaking of the sacrament. The sacrament is something that becomes routine. Do you know why we take the sacrament each week? Ask Mom and and Dad and maybe even Bishop and then write me an email with your answer :) I am so grateful for the knowledge I am gaining from being out here. My testimony is stronger than ever and I owe a lot of it to you guys. For pushing me to serve, for supporting me and for being such great examples to me! I couldn't have asked for a better family. I love you all so very much and not a day goes by that I don't think of you. Remember my love for you and please remember your Saviors love for you as well.

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