Monday, October 21, 2013

October 7, 2013 - STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS !!!

Emory's 1st Birthday!

Sister Kellee Jo LOVES the little Children that her Heavenly Father 
has trusted her to be with while in Tucson!

Can you talk about stress? This whole week has been so so so so stressful. The beginning of the week was difficult because my migraines came back and it was so hard for me to even be outside. But we pushed through and it was real hard to be effective so we called Sister Killpack and we talked about receiving a priesthood blessing. So Friday rolls around and the District Leader gave me a blessing of healing and comfort which was very much needed. But then not even a half hour later things got 10 times more stressful....(Kellee talked about an event that was very sad:(  It was a growing experience that she and her Companion and the Elders for the Campbell Ward, braved very well.  I am so very proud of her service!).... So all day during Friday, we were dealing with that and my stress levels were much too high. So we went and got some chocolate ice cream and went to bed a little earlier. But my testimony on the priesthood has increased so very much. I am so thankful for those who are worthy to hold that sacred power. I know without a doubt that if I hadn't have received that blessing earlier Friday morning, I wouldn't have been able to handle that trial Friday night. The Elders here are so amazing and I am so blessed to be serving with them. They have been a HUGE support during this time and they even pitched together in buying me a tub of bluebell ice cream. -Yes the famous BLUE BELL ice cream. Tell Jason they have his Texas ice cream in Tucson! Yeah!  I also am very grateful for my companion. She has been tough during this trial and has been a very big comfort to me. She is 23 years old so she is like an older sister to me and how grateful I am for the experience and wisdom that she has. She gives me a lot of good advice and knows exactly what to say to brighten my mood. I love her so very much and am really enjoying spending this time with her. That's so awesome that you got to meet some of her Temple Square Sisters. She LOVES her mission at Temple Square so much. And she agrees with me when I say Tucson is Crazy. I'm pretty sure you would be freaking out if you saw some of the stuff here. 
Okay, so a few things: Yes I did get Keatons poem and I DIED of laughter. Especially when you talked about all the stuff that really did happen. I really feel like I'm in Timbuktu. And yes, I did get the GPS and am very grateful for it. I know how to get around downtown, but when we get up into the fancy foothills, I get so turned around. So thank you so much for sending me that. We named it "Rocie" but it said "Rice" in an Australian accent because one of the Elders here is from Australia. How crazy right? You asked about the Elder from Alpine, Elder Deere. His parents are actually serving a mission in Spain so after his mission was over, he went straight to Spain. So he won't be home for another few months. 
Summers baby is soooo darn CUTE! I can't wait to hold the little guy. He'll probably be pretty big by the time I get home but that's okay.  And I promise I am working on sending letters home. I just need to find time to sit down and write a letter. Dad, you should try to stay awake and write me a letter, I know it's hard but being a missionary is harder. hahah (: That's so awesome about Sammy!! I have been praying so much about that. Tell him I am so very proud and that his Heavenly Father is even more proud. Also, could you send me Hailey's and Kylee's address? Okay sorry that was really jumbled. but that's okay, I know you'll still love me. (:
So as of this week, we are teaching 9 people. A few of them are progressing, the others are still working on finding out what is true. I'll write more about who they are in my letter home. There are so many people here who are ready for the gospel. And I think during conference, the Apostles did a pretty good job of drilling into the members heads concerning member missionary work. I hope you guys are doing all you can to share the gospel with those around you. Even those who already have the gospel in their life. Be an example to them. Serve them and show them the Saviors love. Sister Vassar and I studied Ether 12 this morning and you guys should study it for FHE tomorrow night. And underline in you scriptures how many times is says FAITH. I love my scriptures so very much and am so grateful that we are able to have them to study from. What a beautiful blessing. 
Man, this email was so scattered. I'm sorry. But now you kind of understand how my brain is thinking right now. haha thank heavens for awesome Elders who will buy you ice cream. This work is hard. So unimaginably hard. But worth it. Worth the tears, sorrow, stress, pain and heart ache. Just because you get to see these people understand God's love for them. Jesus Christ can't be here to teach these people so He sent me. How amazing and blessed I feel. I love this Gospel and my Savior. I am coming to know more about him each and every day. Continue to be amazing and Endure through the trials God gives us. 
I love you to pieces. 

Love always, 
Sister Kellee jo Walker

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