Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 17, 2013 - No Transfer, But A New Companion!!!

Sister Vassar, from the Temple Mission

                                                            Hey there folks!!

Things over here are HOT. Literally. It was getting really nice, like in the lower 90's but now it's shot back up to 115. Man it drains ya. But it's all good :) What's the weather back at home like? Any more crazy tornado's? Guess whaaaat? Our mission has hit full capacity, which means we aren't going to get any more missionaries!! Only a few from the ones that leave each transfer. Isn't that insane? Each ward has a set of sisters and elders and some wards have 2 sets of each. That truly goes to show that the Lord is hastening his work. And it's amazing because these people are sooo ready to hear the gospel. They have been prepared in one way or another, which just blows me away.
It makes me very happy to know that Brendan takes the time to come see you guys. And that picture you sent me of all my letters to him and the story you told me about him asking to pray, just melted my heart!!  I'm Especially  proud that he honors his priesthood. That right there will win any girl over. I know that if I needed to, I could ask him for a blessing and I KNOW he would be worthy to provide me with the comfort I need.  Treat him good okay? And give him lots of hugs from me! (:
Sooo transfers were today and guess what? I'm still here in the good old Campbell ward with Sista Vassar from the SLC Temple Mission! HOLLA!  
Although I had many trials in the last months, all I needed to do was turn to my Savior. Because He truly went though so much. He was made fun of, spit upon and tortured for who He was and He did all of that for me. He knows exactly what i'm going through and I just need to follow His example and turn the other cheek just as He did. Even though many people disliked Him, He didn't talk bad about them or be mean back.. He simply served them. And that's exactly what I did. My testimony of service has been strengthened because of that trial and it's weird to be thankful for a trial, but I truly am. I have grown and learned how to cope with situations like that and I have my Savior to thank.

Elizabeth was baptized on Saturday and it was amaaaaaaazing. I don't know how else to explain it. When we first met her, she was miserable and wanted nothing to do with us. She would find every way to avoid us and the one day we were able to meet with her, we asked her to just pray to her Father in Heaven and ask Him if this was something He wanted her to continue to do. She texted us that night and told us to come see her as soon as we could the next morning. When we walked in her home, the spirit was sooo strong and she told us she had prayed and God had told her how much He loved her and she KNEW this is what she was supposed to do. We went through a lot to get her to where she is now, but look where she is now! She has found God in her life and has never been so happy. We are working with her husband Nick and slowly but surly, he will come around. The people here are so prepared and I love love love being here. As much as I wanted to give up and come home to see everyone I love, I just can't!! These people need me and I'm thankful God has trusted me to work with these wonderful people.
Dad, we have a slight problem. The GPS went with the other Sister on the transfer, and so we are left lost and confused since our area is GINORMOUS. Is there any way I can buy one? Or will you send me one or something? I am trying to use the darn map but our area is so crammed and huge that I keep getting lost and wasting miles. I won't buy one until next week when I read your email and you can give me instruction. (: I'm so glad you're so smart.

Mom, Sister Vassar is a crazy good cook and we made cowboy caviar and noodle salad and it reminded me sooooo much of my mommy!! We also made oreo truffles which made me miss home, but I'm so glad that these small little things remind me so much of you guys. I feel like i'm forgetting to tell you something but I don't remember what it is.... AH WELL.
Keaton, I'm soooo jealous that you get to hang out with Brendan!! And that you got to go to Reno and the Air Races with the oldies. That sounds like so much fun. Have mom take lots of pictures of your lax game okay? Love you so much buddy. Please write me some letters

I hope Teeko is doing well and that you haven't sold him yet! Give him a good bath before winter comes so that he can be semi clean during the winter season. I sure do love you guys. And I pray for you every single day! Hugs and kisses to all of you. 

Big hug, Big kiss, Big hug, Little kiss, Little hug. 

Love always and foreva,
Sister Kellee jo Walker
PS: One of the ward members called me by my first name and it sounded super wierd. I'm not used to being called kellee. HAHAH Sister Walker for LIFE


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