Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September, 23, 2013 - D. O. G. ??????

We Miss this Cutie SOOOOO  Much!!
She always sends us beautiful SUN shots!!!

Okay so I am sitting at the library at this computer and it's a "Magic Screen Magnification Computer" So it's literally HUUUUUGE. And the Key Board is giant as well. So It's hard to type on such big keys, bear with me. Hahaha

Funny story. 
We met this guy named Cole at an apartment complex called Rhillito Village and he wasn't interested AT ALL so we went on our way to the next area but then he calls out to us, "Wait Sisters!!" So we turn around to talk to him and he says, " I prayed for a dog last night and then you guys showed up; That's not just a coincidence." Sister Vassar just looks at me like what the heck? So I ask him if we can come back sometime and teach him more and he said yes. We haven't been able to get a hold of him yet but man, we were so so so confused. But then Sister Vassar and I were talking about it and we thought, Maybe by DOG he meant Daughter Of God..? HAHAHA Man the things missionaries find funny. We laugh about it a lot.

This is going to BLOW your mind. Our mission, The Tucson Arizona Mission has officially hit full capacity. We have over 390 missionaries. Not including the Couple Missionaries! That is totally crazy the Kylie Oyler got her mission call. You better tell her to get used to no make up, cause it truly just sweats off here and I'm sure it will in the Philippians as well. Tell her I am VERY proud of her decision to serve and let her know she is more than welcome to send me an email if she has questions or write me. I would like that!  Gosh, she is so cute.

Okay guys, so I want to tell you a crazy amazing story. 
We have been working with a man by the name of Glenn. I may have told you about him before but he is a 3 time investigator (Taken the lessons 3 other times) and he is the craziest man I have ever met. He has looooooong grey hair and one tooth and glasses that magnify his eyes. He wears overalls and says DUDE alot and smokes pretty much everything. But that besides the point. So we were teaching him about the plan of salvation and we were using a Mormon message to explain the basics and then we were going to go over the rest in detail. Well, we were watching the video and right before it talked about the Saviors Atonement It FROZE. The DVD player wouldn't turn off, none of the buttons worked.. it was just frozen. Glenn says, "Man, Satan must not want me to watch this." And by this point, the spirit was gone but we decided to just push on and continue on with what we planned for. So we kept going and holy cow.. the spirit came back and it was soooo strong. We testified all through the lesson and Glenn asks us, "Dude? What am I feeling right now?" We testified of the holy ghost and how he teaches and testifies of truth. We committed him to be baptized on Oct 26th!! What a miracle.
 I think it's good to always know that everyday holds the possibility of a miracle.

I truly do love this work. As hard as it may be, I just love it so much. 
"Be the very best and act the very best you can. God will give you strength beyond your own as you strive daily to fulfill the most sacred mortal responsibility He gives to his children. Listen to the voice of the spirit and the counsel of the living prophets. Be of Good Cheer. God did not place you on earth to fail, and your efforts as parents will not be counted as failure unless you give up." - Elder Ballard
That quote is focused on parents, but I think we can apply it to everyone. As long as we are doing the very best we can, God will give us the strength to push on. What a beautiful blessing. I am very blessed to be serving and I wouldn't ask to be anywhere else but here in this moment. Thank you for pushing me to serve and for being the examples you are to me. 
I sure do love you all so very much. And I feel of your love and prayers every moment and every day.

Love always,
Your Sweet Daughter Of God, Kellee Jo

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