Monday, June 2, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - June 2, 2014

The Spirit of God Like a Fire is Burning.  Literally

June 2, 2014

Well folks, I am FRIED.

All the missionary leaders were able to go up to Mount. Lemmon for Presidents last MLC.
And as you can tell, we all burned!! Even though we all put sunscreen on.. darn Arizona sun!
It was a very humbling experience to be there up on the mountain over looking the valley
& having a testimony meeting. 

I absolutely love MLC because i'm surrounded by missionaries who WANT to be there
& WANT to work hard. They have that desire and we all come together to help the mission progress.
I'm very grateful to work shoulder to shoulder with such amazing men and woman. 

We talked a lot about the story of David and Goliath.
And we focused on the "Goliaths" that we have in our mission such as disobedience. 

President broke it down even to the point of Goliaths that we may have in our own life that we need to get rid of.

Can I just tell you how much I love President Killpack?! He has been there for me through thick and thin. Literally And i'm beyond grateful for his council and his support and love. To answer your question mom.. Yes we will get a new mission president in July... His name is President Passey from Texas.  And I managed to get the address to where President Killpack will be giving his homecoming talk!  But i left it in my old planner so I'll email it to you next week. 

And to answer your other question..

Sister Barnes and I are usually in our apartment until 10:00 every morning except Sundays.
And usually Noon every day for lunch except on Wednesdays because that is when we go out as a zone! OR we are back in our apartment by 9:00ish every night sometimes 9:30.
What do you have in mind? (:  Can you believe my year mark is in 10 days.. I'm kinda freaking out.
The Lord has been teaching me sooooooooo much and I know you won't like this, but I'm fearful of coming home!  I don't want to leave these people.. these experiences.. this routine.. the spirit..
It's all become such a huge part of my life & i don't want to leave.  But I know that there are others who will take my place & do miracles! (:

She is exactly what I've been praying for!!  A hard worker who is willing to sacrifice ANYTHING for the Lords work to continue.  She doesn't care about what others think of her, she's obedient, diligent and very energetic!  We work really well together and we already have 4 new people we are teaching And some awesome potentials who are ready (: There are some amazing things about to happen!! We just have to continue in obedience! (:

President also gave us a study challenge that I want to tell you guys about and maybe you can do it with us! We are reading all of PMG before he leaves (June 30th) starting in chapter 6 then 9
And then jumping to the beginning and reading as much as you can before the 30th!!
Exciting right?!!!

There are so many miracles happening each day & I wish so badly you could experience even a fraction of those blessings. Mission life is amazing & i'm coming to realize just how much i've changed.

Things are good & I am happy. As usual (:
Teeko looks like a yittle yammy!!
Keaton needs to stop with the girls.. hahaha
Dad needs more vacation time
And Mom needs a hug from Kellee jo (:

I'm excited for this transfer, If you couldn't tell (:
I'll send you a letter this week sometime, telling you about our investigators (:

Please find a way to recognize the smallest of blessings this week that God gives you.
God is good & we are so blessed.

Love always,
Sister Walker

PS: I am serving in the same district as an elder named Elder Purcell and he's actually from Pleasant Grove.. And he is so rad! You guys would really like him (: It's just weird that I never knew him.. hahaha small world yeah? (: Love you!

PPS: I attached a picture of all the missionaries who are on the MLC.
And a picture of Sister Killpack!
Sorry it's crooked, rocks and mountains kind of make it hard to take a good picture.

President and Sister Killpack MLC on Mt. Lemmon

Check out the view!

Two beautiful Sisters 

Pine Trees in Arizona -- Who would have guessed it?  Not Kellee :)

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