Monday, June 9, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - June 9, 2014

Lot's of Changes?

June 9, 2014

Holy cow, it sounds like there are so many changes going on back at home.
Between the changes with you guys & the changes here & Brendan's changes, 
I am a little overwhelmed!! 

But I have 100 percent faith that everything will work out the way the Lord needs.
I'm really excited for you Dad!! 

What I love most about callings is that The Lord knows our hearts so much better than we do, and so He knows our capacity to lead and direct those in His church so that His children can succeed. And who knows, maybe this will be the jump start our family needs :) especially since you'll be spending so much more time with Keaton!! And the youth can teach you all about the cool new ways to share the gospel through technology and things like that! You just need to keep your thoughts positive and have faith!! I've actually been learning a lot about faith lately. When I think of faith, I think of the faith that is required to move mountains.. but in reality it all comes back to faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ! He is everything and we should do everything we can to follow His perfect example so that we can have the Spirit with us always. Trust in Him with all your heart & I know that He will bless you. 

Also, I felt like I was able to use all my responsibilities as a STL in all forms!! It was a little exhausting.. but I absolutely loved it. Sister Barnes and I gave a training to all the missionaries in our zone about a teaching technique called TAA which stands for Teach Ask Ask. You teach a point and instead of just blabbering to them, you ask them questions to get them involved. Questions to check for understanding and Application questions. Missionary work is changing so often, but in a good way!! But anyways, so we gave a training, and then we went on exchanges with with Sisters in Pima Ward in West Tucson and that was a blast and I got no sleep because Sister Camp talks sooooo much. hahaha but it was good. Then we had to go on an emergency exchange with our Casas Adobes Sisters who are having a hard time getting along.. So that was a little stressful but President felt really strongly about it and both Sister Barnes and I were able to give the sisters comfort and space from each other. It was crazy insane but like I said before, when you have full faith in Christ, He gives you the courage and the strength needed to help His children progress. 

Can I just rant and rave a little bit about my companion? I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH! I don't know what I would do without her! It has been such a humbling experience to see the fruits of my labors last transfer finally bloom. Last transfer was hard and we weren't working nearly as hard as I wish we would have, but there is only so much I can do to push a companion. And I tried my hardest to get things rolling for whoever would be in the area next and to my surprise it was me and Sister Barnes!! Holy cow the work is EXPLODING! We are teaching so many people and talking with everyone!! North  Zone came up with a term, TWEAFR (twe-fur) Which stands for Talk With Everyone, Ask For Referrals. And we have implemented "tweafr-ing" all day every day and it has helped the work progress so much!

I love being a missionary and I love serving my Savior and my Father. I know without a doubt that I am making them proud. I know this gospel is true and that by living the standards and following the commandments, we can find lasting happiness. The joy I have from this gospel can never be replaced, but I hope to keep the gospel as close to my heart as I can forever. I never want to loose this happiness. :)

OH also, It is getting really hot here and I found a scripture in D&C 88:6-7 that talks about the sun and how Christ is in the sun so now every time i see the sun and feel how blazing hot it is, I can think of my Savior! YAY

Be strong guys!!
Keep being amazing and making good choices!!

I Love YOU so much!!
Love always, Sister Kellee Walker

PS: Let's just pretend it hasn't been a year yet.. I don't want to leave in 6 months!!! Time is going to fast and I don't like it. 

PSS: On July 13th it will be President and Sister Killpacks homecoming :)
It is in Hinkley Utah which is West of Delta i believe.. And it will be at 11:00 and you should totally go if you get the chance!! He didn't give me an address because he said it is the only stake center in Hinkley. I think. hahah



This is Aunt Lisa Talking - I sure hope you pooped today!  

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