Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 19, 2013 - Sister Walker FINALLY answers our Questions!!!

We have been sending Sister Walker a lot of "Question" letters.  She finally had some enough time to sit down and answer some of them for us!

What do you do on a typical P-day?
Personal study
Comp study
12 week
clean apartment
pday sports
(She sent us a copy of a day in her planner.  WOW!! busy, busy, busy bees!!)

What has been the hardest thing to deal with so far?
I don't know how Christ handled the torment.  People treated him terribly, and I've experienced portions of it and it is not enjoyable!

What do you enjoy doing the most?
I Love teaching the Plan of Salvation.  It's such a beautiful plan:) and we truly do have a purpose, each and every one of us!

Do you still have a hard time getting up in the mornings?
Amazingly no!  I've found that if I just role out of bed and Pray to wake up, then I do!  It's awesome!  Try it out:)

Are you missing me (Joe) more than anyone else?
I truly do miss you.  Especially your HUGS, and your jokes.  Got any good ones?

Have you heard anything about the New Tucson Temple - where it will be and when will it be started?
We have heard very little, except that is will be bigger than the Gila Valley Temple.  I'm very excited.  People say the missionary work really blooms while temples are being built in the area!

A couple of Keaton's questions:
What was the first food you haven't liked?
Lobster - Oh my gosh.  I ate it, but I was dying!

What is your new favorite food?
Butterfinger Pie!  I'm obsessed!
(This is really weird...She hates desserts, doesn't like sweet things, and never eats candy bars, and hates PIE!  What's up with this ?!)

Have you started the new Socail Media/I pad thing?
Yes, they sure have.  We're expecting Ipads and Iphones around January time.  Crazy!. We are going to have EVERYTHING on them.  Including our scriptures,,, access to a ward list and map, our planners and facebook.   I will be setting up my current Facebook account to use here in my mission! They are wanting us to get to know our investigators better along with leaving inspirational things on it.
(Well, I guess it's a good thing I finally gave in during her High School years and let her set up her facebook account.  Joe and I were against it for a long time.  Wow, now it would have probably been NOT a good thing if she didn't know how to use it!  She will be fine, She's a PRO at Facebook!!!! She said there will be limitations on what they will be able to use on it thought.)

Sister Walker had a Dr's visit this last week.  Yes, She is feeling much better and feels stronger!  Thanks for everyone's Prayers, and did I say Prayers for her and our family.  It has been VERY stressful for us, not to be with her.  Thanks for all the kindness shown by everyone and voicing your support and comfort to us! Thanks for all the letters that were written with encouragement for her.  And, THANKS to everyone for remembering her in your PRAYERS, (oh, I think I said Prayers already!)
Kellee was soooo happy when she went into the room at the Dr's office, and found herself to be surrounded by AIRPLANES, AIRPLANES and AIRPLANES!!  It's like Joe was there to surround her in his Love.  Joe even has posters like these from the Reno Air Races, that he attends each year!  It's amazing how the Lord can comfort everyone with just an AIRPLANE!!!  

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