Saturday, August 31, 2013

No Transfer for Sister Kellee Walker Today! August 6, 2013 - Staying in the Campbell Ward in the Heart of Tucson!

No Transfer Today!  Her she is with her New District.  Her Tri-panionship changed, and now it is Sis Walker and Sis Dredge are in a Companionship.

This is all the Elders and Sisters, President and Sister Killpack, and two sets of Senior Missionaries.
Looks like to me that there are many good people to be watching over my Kellee for me!  (Oh, there's her Heavenly Father in the middle of them all tooo!  Most important influence!)

It's been an interesting 2 weeks of Mail problems:(.  If any of your letters have been returned, it's because of one of the Post Offices in Tucson has been closed down.  The Mail now has to take an extra stop in Phoenix, then sent on to Tucson.  So Sister Walker went 2 weeks without anything from us.  
This really has made me appreciate how fast she can really get her mail.  It takes 15 days to get a letter to Austin in Jamaica  and the Mission President in the very bottom of Argentina, (Dr. Mark Rogers, who I worked with at the hospital), can't have anything sent to them.  (The country is not allowing any mail from the US into Argentina right now.)  So, I need to count my Blessings that usually she can get our stuff in 4 days!

"Holy cow guys!! I'm so sorry you've had to deal with mail problems!! Good grief. I thought you guys were just busy, which is understandable but i'm glad to hear that you've been thinking of me!! I did get a letter from Kylee!! (: Transfers were this morning and looks like I'm staying here with the beautiful Sister Dredge!! Same address for the next 6 weeks. Sister O'Donnell got transferred to the Binghampton ward which is the ward right after ours so luckily we still get to see each other. (We are in the same District) 
I have the CRAZIEST story to tell you guys. Mom and Dad will probably flip out but seriously, it was crazy weird. Okay, so the other day we were driving down one of the main roads on our way to an appointment but we had a few extra minutes, so as I was driving, Sister Dredge felt prompted to talk to this lady walking down a little back road so I turned the car around and parked it. We started walking towards her, trying to catch up with her and then BAM!!!!!! A Dr Pepper comes FLYING over this huge brick wall. Scared the poop right out of me.  
(She probably thought this was a gift from the Heavens, since her FAVORITE soda is D.P.!!!, and she hasn't had one for awhile!!!)  
We thought it was just a kid messing with us so we kept walking. Then all of the sudden all this produce comes hauling over the wall. Milk, Cereal, Ham, Cheese, Soda, Beer, all sort of groceries. Then people start flying over the wall and they're yelling, "HURRY UP! PUT IT ALL IN THE TRUCK! DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!!!" They had conveniently parked their truck and thrown all their STOLEN items near the truck and drove off. I was in shock, literally. I couldn't believe what I had seen!! And I didn't understand why God had prompted us to talk to that lady, especially since we didn't get the chance too! It was way weird right? That was probably the craziest thing that's happened this week."  
(I think it is very interesting that it was Food that was being stolen, not electronics or a car or $.  Maybe she and I needed to be reminded that we are VERY blessed to have any type of food we want and whenever we want it.)
"Lessons here are starting to slow down a bit. We still teach over 30 lessons but a lot of our investigators tell us to stop coming over or that we aren't interested. It's hard when people reject the gospel because we as members KNOW what they are missing out on and it breaks my heart. They're time will come i suppose."

Sister Walker never forgets to send a Sunset.  They are the 'Most Beautiful Ever", she keeps saying!!
(Just like her!)


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