Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sister Kellee Jo - July 29th still raining & super duper HOT!

I asked her if she wanted the Umbrella she sent home, "No!  We usually dance in the rain!  It's so hot that the rain feels great. No umbrella needed!"
(Although, I think she needs to take time to IRON her shirt- oh, funny me, she needed me to do that!)

I think she is trying to convince me that she is eating healthy?  Sorry Sister, but I don't think Cocoa Puffs and Oreo's are in a food group. I do need to give her credit for banana's, strawberries, yogurt and her Vit D WHOLE milk!  She's so skinny she needs all the calories she can get!!! 

She thinks she may be transferred after her first 6 weeks in Tucson, so I think she wanted to leave her mark.  I guess all the Missionaries that go through the apartments paint and repaint their names on these stools.  It's interesting to me that she has time to paint, but not time to IRON her skirt?!

"We taught another 30 lessons this week and President is SOOOO PROUD! He said that is extremely rare to be teaching that many lessons so consistently.  There are so many people who have been prepared to hear the Gospel and it's my privilege to be the one to teach them.  My confidence is growing more and more each day and I'm learning ways to open myself up to people. It's crazy to me how much love I have for these people here in Tucson. I hardly know them but my love for them is crazy."
    "There are A LOT of trials I have already been through and it's only been a month, but the things I am learning are incredible. My testimony has been strengthened, my relationship with God has increased and my love for my Savior continues to grow as I learn and rely on him."
"The Campbell Ward threw a Pioneer Day party so I got to celebrate Dad's birthday even though I wasn't home with you guys. They had so many different BROWNIES which I thought was really ironic :) we ate lots of food and mingled and listened to a band play music and then we had to leave before the movie. But it was still really fun!!  I've been assigned as the designated driver so i'm always driving the dang car. You think traffic at home is bad? Try the traffic here in the heart of Tucson. It's NUTS. And it wigs me out all the time that the green turn arrow doesn't come first!! It's completely backwards from home."  (Joe's birthday is on the 24th of July.  He thinks he always has to have a big party, because Everyone celebrates his Birthday!!  Kellee knows he LOVES any kind of Brownie.  Joe loved his B'day present from Kell, a RED Arizona Wildcat's Shirt!  Maybe she will start to like RED, Bishop V.,  Not BLUE :(   Oh, and Ryker,  She said HAPPY B"DAY TO YOU TOO!!)
" Hey it is sooo crazy HOT that the lizards carry sticks on their backs while they run  so they can stand on the stick when they STOP running!  (That's a joke an investigator told us! He He)"
This is my favorite part of her email this time,  "I'm VERY thankful for you guys.  I truly am.  I know I may not have shown it the best, but I hope you realize my love for you guys grows more and more each day."

"I hope all is well.  Love you more than all the Oreo's I eat!   And that's a lot!"
Kellee Jo 

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