Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 12, 2013, MY TWO MONTH MARK!! HOLA!! from Sister Kellee Jo Walker

"Welcome to the Campbell ward where they are nearly dead, or newly wed. HAHAHA That's what Bishop told us yesterday and I was dying of laughter. We have a LOT of oldies and new students who are just married or starting families going to the UofA. Not a lot of large families like we have back at home. This week has been a rough one, i'm not going to lie. We didn't teach nearly as many lessons as we've been teaching in the past, but we are truly trying. And I think that is all that matters. :) So guess what? President gave Sister Dredge and I bikes......! We are now a part biking mission! We didn't have to pay for them, since they were Sister Killpacks old bikes. They are beach cruisers! And let me tell ya, riding a bike in a skirt is crazy hard work. Just try it and tell me how it goes. hahaha"
"You'll never guess what I've been eating. They are called Sanorin Hotdogs, A BILLION TIMES BETTER THAN JDAWGS. I know that's surprising  but truly, they are fantastic. They are stuffed with beans, peppers, salsa, mayo, and green mushy stuff. (Could that be guacamole  that she would NEVER dream of eating here at home!)   I eat 3 a day. hahaha good thing they are only  $1.50. HUZZAH Guys!"
" Please look up the talk called, "We Are Doing A Great Work And Cannot Come Down." By Pres. Uchtdorf. I am absolutly obsessed with Nehamiah in the Bible. LOOK IT UP FOR FHE"

Kellee has not been feeling well, and she had to send her Mom (me), some comforting words.  I love that she can comfort me, when she knows I'm stressing because I can't be there to take care of her-
"I know you worry about me a lot, but I am in good hands Mama. The Lord is watching over me and is with me always. That's a special blessing us missionaries get, to have Jesus with us always. I am very thankful for all you've taught me! There are certain instances where we are stuck in a situation and I think, "What would my Mom do?" And then we figure things out because of your example to me. So thank you for all you do for me Mommy :) I love love love you."

Now a note to her Dad-
"There are so many noisy airplanes here. I can just imagine you running around like a leaping gazzell looking for the planes. HAHA. 
(Big Joke with our family, and anyone that knows Joe, knows that any aircraft is a cool aircraft, even more so, when they are old, were used in any kind of history, can't fly anymore, or have been restored.  This LOVE for aircraft and History, has been passed onto my kids.  Just ask them and they can tell you what any aircraft is and what it's purpose is or was clear back to the Wright Bros.! Many of our family vacations have been spent seeking out old plane graveyards.  The minute we read Kellee's call to Tucson, Joe knew there was an Airbase there and the Biggest Aircraft Graveyard There!!  Yes, we will all be visiting it after the Mission!)
"They're always flying in some kind of formation. We aren't allowed to go to the actual aircraft graveyard since its out of our area, but we are going there together when I get home! Deal?" 
"The weather here is hot. Much too hot. Some days are perfect, but most days I melt. There are no shirts light enough to keep you cool. Man, I don't know who in their right mind would want to settle here before they had AC. The rain has stopped, so it's getting back to 115 degree weather. I'm excited for the winter? Who knew you'd hear me say that!!"
"That's crazy about your work!! Are you going to loose your job? I've been praying for you and your coworkers as well. And your crazy coworker who killed his wife? WHAT THE HECK? You were working with a criminal..... man oh man. We are actually teaching a guy who just got out a jail for a criminal act, so we have to be very careful. But you know he has good intentions if he is trying to come back to Christ."
(Yes, Joe's job has been a little stressful lately!  If you want a good laugh, just ask him about it!)
Things here are craaaazy still. Lots of mean people, lots of nice people.
Lots of food and lots of falling asleep during my nightly prayers. 
This work is tiring, but extremely worth it.
The happiness it brings to peoples lives is incredible. 
There is no way this gospel isn't true. 
My testimony is growing stronger everyday, and I can't wait to share it more. 
I love you dad, with all that I am. and I hope all is well back at home. 
Give Teeko a hug for me and maybe a kiss or two. " 
"Thank you thank you for telling me about the missionary moment you did during sacrament meeting. I was actually wondering about that.  I am very glad you were able to do that!! Being a missionary is tiring work, but it is sooooooo rewarding!"
(I am VERY Proud of my Husband for doing the Missionary Moment is Sacrament meeting.  I guess everyone may have wondered why Joe did it and not me, her Mom.  Well, Kellee had always challenged Joe to do this for her before she left.  I think Joe is pretty willing to try new things, but standing up in church and talking on any subject is NOT one of them!  It very much pushed him to his limit when he got the calling of Ward Clerk and found out that Dear Bishop Veenker wanted him to sit at the desk on the stage, take roll, and then go walk through through everyone and count, That was just asking TOO much!!  He has survived well, though, and made Kellee very proud by being willing to do this for her!  Only his 'Sweet Pumkin Girl', could get him to do it!!  And I don't think we will see it again soon!!!!  Gotta Love ya Joe!!!)

"Hey dude. I am so jealous you got to take your friends to the cabin! That sounded like SOOO much fun. And you're doing Lacrosse  Man, how did Levi convince you to do that? That is way cool. Jason our Cous used to do Lacrosse  call him up and he can teach you how to be a PRO. And guess what? We saw a giant EAGLE (I hated to inform her that this is NOT an Eagle, but it is pretty big and cool, and it was close!)  just chillin in an apartment balcony. It was huge. I was afraid it was going to attack me!! Are you excited for school? I wouldn't be. hahaha but you always like school so i'm sure you're excited. What classes are you takin? I love you Keaton, and I talk about you all the time to pretty much everyone! I miss you lots and lots. Can't wait for that hug (: "

 I Love you all very much and I am so thankful for all you guys do for me. Keep doing the things God would have you do to return and live with him again as an eternal family. (: You guys are my everything. 

Love always, Sister Kellee Jo Walker


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