Monday, April 7, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

There goes the toilet, and our floor and everything

WOW! Can you say tribulation?!!!!

I don't know what it was about this week but holy crud. I have never seen more trial in this week, than I have my whole mission!! Let me expound on that a little bit: So at the beginning of this transfer, we had 7 investigators all with baptism dates. And on friday, ALL of our dates were dropped.. for different circumstances.. but they were all dropped!! And then this story tops it all off..

Last night after Sister Delap and I finished planning for today, I had this really strong impression to put everything that was on the carpet, up on the couch. So I did that and then went to bed. I woke up and and heard this really awful "pshhhhhhhekkekke" noise and thought it was our airconditioner freaking out again so I rolled out of bed to turn it off only to get my feet SOAKING WET. Water? From where?!! I hurried and turned on the lamp in our room and Sister Delap groans, "Six Thirty Already?!???" And I holler, "There is water everywhere Sister! Wake up!!" So she leaps out of bed and we open our bedroom door to find 3 inches of water running down the hallway of our apartment, coming from the bathroom. So we rolled our pants up and turned on the bathroom light and hallway light to see water spraying from the pipe under the toilet. We tried with all our might to twist the handle at the bottom but with no success we called President. Now we failed to look at the clock and just assumed it was around 6:00 but no... it was only midnight. Luckily President answered and gave us permission to have the elders come in our apartment to help us twist the handle. Well here is the funny part.... they twisted and twisted and twisted all while the water is rising and pouring out the door and they are unsuccessful. So we call Elder Johnston, our housing department missionary and he came to the rescue. (Elder Johnston and I have a really good relationship. I can't wait for you to meet him) So Elder Johnston twists and twists and twists and SNAP! He broke the handle and even more water is spraying out.... By this time the 4 soaking missionaries are mopping and filling up buckets to empty the apartment and by some miracle, Elder Johnson got the water to stop running!!! Then they all left and Sister Delap and I were left to a wet, soggy, humid apartment. It was just like having Noah's Ark in our apartment, minus the animals. I guess you could count the floating cockroaches as the animals. hahaha ewwwww. So we ended up calling maintenance emergency and left them a message but they didn't end up coming til 7 this morning. That was quite an adventure right?!??? And remember how I told you that I'm afraid of plugged toilets? Well now i'm afraid of all toilets in general. That experience just reaffirmed my fears. hahaha

I thought through that experience all day today & kept coming back to the talk in General Conference about being grateful even in times of turmoil. Things have been incredibly hard & i've unfortunately gotten a little discouraged, but last night it hit me: I am serving a mission for my Savior, Jesus Christ and He will bless me even when things are incredibly hard. He is always there for me, always willing to comfort. And I love Him for that. I was able to find things to be grateful for last night and I want to share them with you!!
I was grateful that I put up all the things on the floor last night.
I was grateful that I woke up earlier than 6:30!! Can you imagine the mess it would have been if I hadn't have woken up?!
I was grateful that our downstairs neighbor didn't say too many nasty things too us (:
I was grateful the Elders were so willing to help us and Elder Johnston too.
I was grateful for the once in a life-time opportunity as a missionary to play in water (: hahaha even if it was nasty toilet water.
See? You can find things to be grateful for in EVERY situation. Try it (:

Dad: I loved your message in the News Letter. You did an excellent job & you don't even need me to make corrections!! Don't worry about the mistakes that were made, people got the message and I'm sure they loved it! I loved that you quoted Paul V Johnson (: Did you know that he came and talked to all the missionaries here? It was a really cool experience & he is an awesome speaker!!

Mom: I can't believe you waited THIS long to take down the Christmas Tree!! That is a little ridiculous hahaha but i'm glad it finally got put away this weekend. (:
You asked about the map I sent home. I made that map for Sister Delap because she has a hard time remembering North South East and West and where places are so I was able to help her out a little bit (: hahhaa
And the purple sled?! I seriously almost cried when I read that it finally died. :'( How terrible. We we definitely have to have a funeral when I get home.
and about college.... I am a wee bit frustrated because I can't just call you and talk to you about my thoughts. There is a reasoning behind my madness, I promise. UVU really isn't in my future plans but we can talk more about it on mothers day (:
Transfers are this week so you won't be getting an email until Tuesday.

I hope things are going well and that your new toilets don't explode and create Noahs Ark in our home. Also.. I have video footage of the toilet experience but it's too large to send home but I got permission to send it home from my gmail account so be looking for that.

Love you and can't wait to hear back.

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

Water, water every where 

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