Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission

Obedience Brings Blessings

April 28, 2014

Hey there family!!!

This week has been CRAZY!
So much has happened, I don't even know where to begin. 

I thought it was really ironic how mom told me to take those doterra tablets if i felt sick.
Because on Saturday we went on exchanges with the Pima Sisters & you'll never guess what..
It was a down pour!! So much rain!! And on a bike!! It was pretty fun though!!
But unfortunately I think I got a cold from being in the cold rain ALL day. 
Yesterday I only made it through all of Tortolita church and only sacrament in Country Side. 
We took my temp. and it was 100.5 and my throat was killing me & I was achy & stuffy nose. 
I felt really bad for making Sister Fuller come home ALL day.. but the Lord knows it's okay to take a break.

So basically that's all the hard stuff this week. 
The rest has just been normal.

Being a sister training leader is a lot of responsibility but oh man, I LOVE IT!
I am learning a lot about myself & i'm able to use my talents that God has given me. 
I was reading my P blessing and it talked about God giving me leadership skills 
& how I will be given opportunities to use them as I give of my time. 
How cool is that? 

Keaton.. I wish so badly that I could see you play LAX. I bet you are getting super buff yeah?
I'm glad you are super tough when people shove you.. hahaha noobs. 
Also, Sydney wrote me first so don't give me crap mr. I think she's written me more than you have ;)
Hahha just kidding.. but i'll be looking forward to that long letter you are going to send!!

As for Mothers Day!!! We are thinking it most likely won't be until later at night
Because we have our 6 hours of church plus dinner right after so maybe around 7 Arizona time. 
But I will let you know when I find out for sure! (:
Did you get the packages I sent? One of them was for mothers day so don't open it yet. 

Also, we get to go to the temple on Tuesday so i'm excited for that (:
And MLC (Missionary Leadership Convention) on Friday for all the leadership in the mission.
And exchanges again this week with the Spanish Sisters in East Stake. 

We've also been playing soccer every Tuesday with some non-member guys who are interested in learning more!
They even brought us cleats and shin guards. It reminds me soooo very much of Austin. 
I miss that kid quite a lot. 

One last thing.. 
This is the last week i will need to use my credit card to buy my groceries. 
We get new money this weekend. So sorry for spending all your money.. 
I'm grateful that you are able to help me out. 

I love you guys so very much & I hope your week has been great. 
That's super crazy that it is snowing... I honestly will die when i come home. 
Can you imagine, yank me out of 60 degree weather in December from Tucson
and drop me in 10 degree weather in December to Utah. I'm doomed. 

Well. I shall talk with you all next week.
Be safe & keep up the great missionary work at home. 

Love always,
Sister Kellee Walker

Two Cute Sisters!

Sister's Adventure Time

 I like to ride my bicycle but I hate my silly shoes

I got my hairs cut!

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