Monday, April 21, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

April 21, 2014

Hello there family!!

I'm getting more and more excited for my mother's day call. 
We still don't know the details but I will let you know as soon as i know!

And I did get your little envelope package with my card and mom's letter and the quotes!!
I am deffinately going to hang them all ova the apartment. 
The apartments we have now are the greatest!! I have my own bathroom!! HUZZAH!!
And no wet carpet or damp smell. It's wonderful. 

We live super close to the mission office so that's really nice!!

Being over two area's is super hard!! There are so many people to keep straight
and boundaries to remember. We also share the ward with elders so that's fun!!
I'm getting used to all the responsiblity that comes along with being a STL :)
That's super cool that they sent you an email!! That makes me feel special. 
I made a list of all the Sisters that I am over now!!
Camp and Yarborough in Pima Ward
Souza and Grove in Casas Adobes Ward
O'Donnell and Halle in YSA 1st Ward
Ellis and Lopez in Spanish Ward (East)
Stratton and McNally in Lacanada Ward

Exciting right?!! There is a lot of responsibility but I am so excited. 
What a beautiful blessing. 

I'm learning a lot about obedience which I have come to love!!
We can receive sooo many blessings as we obey. 

Keaton.. that goes for you as well. When you are exactly obedient to mom and dad, you will get so many blessings like happiness at home, fun, joy, love, more freedom!! Plus you get blessing from Heavenly Father as well :) It's a double win. I wish I would have understood that more when I was growing up. Will you try to be more obedient this week? :) I promise that as you are obedient, you will be able to seriously SEE the blessings. Try for me? 

So I don't know if you guys got to see the Because of Him video that the church put out for Easter. 
If not, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! 

It was such a great video. Watch it right now :)
Did you know that the church bought the banner on Youtubes front web page yesterday and played the Because of Him video so that MILLIONS literally would see it on easter? That's how special is it. We watched it probably like 50 times this week. I'm obsessed. 

Since I am over 2 wards now, We go to 6 hours of church plus an hour of correlation and it was NUTS! That's like as long as school... but church. hahaha It was really great though, I'll admit, getting to spend 6 hours worshipping my Savior on Easter. What better way to celebrate His Sacrifice and Atonement and Resurrection. I think Easter has been my favorite holiday as a missionary. It's just wonderful. 

We also had 2 baptisms this weekend for Shayna  and Cindi. Being a missionary is beautiful and I hope I can always have a desire to share the gospel with others. :) 

Well folks. My time is up but I love you so much & I'll be keeping my eyes open for a easter package. 

Love always,

Ps: KYLEE IS ENGAGED?!??? What the heck. All my friends are getting married.. without me. hahaha it's all good.. I'm super excited and happy for her. Tell her to send me pictures of her wedding and her ring and her soon to be hubby. And I sent a message back to Lexi :) I am so proud of her!! She will do wonders!!  

Pss: I got a package from Brendan that had a beautiful neckless in it. Did he show it to you before he sent it to me? Oh man... this is trouble. Hahaha he's great. 

Psss: How are the Dolinars?

Pssss: We drive a jeep. 


Shayna and Cindi's Baptism!!!

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