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Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - April 15, 2014

April 15, 2014

It's a Joyful Journey

Okay so let me just go through this week with you.

Monday: Our apartment flooded (you already knew that) and we went to the zoo!!
We also found out that our dropped baptism date received her answer and was ready to be baptized!!

Tuesday: I got the opportunity to go on exchanges with Sister Stuart and we went to her area to help pick up the work a little bit!
We went on some crazy dirt roads and basically went off roading. (I want a truck)
We did service at a ranch and I helped Sister Stuart realize that missionary work should AND is fun (: 

Wednesday: We had zone meeting where our whole zone (24 of us) got together and had a training about focusing on what truly is important in life. 
Guys, I love being a missionary. I am so blessed to have the desire I do to be here serving my Savior and Father. What a blessing in my life.
We also had Arielle's baptismal interview with Elder Vang
And I had Salmon for dinner...(:

Thursday: We had planned to give a church tour to our friend Vanessa but she didn't show up which was really lame because we had set up the whole building just for her..
BUT.. we were just about to put everything away when we noticed a man outside with his dog. So we went out and talked to him and invited him on a tour (:
His name is Kevin and he has a dog named Duster. (Like dusty but not) So we gave him a tour and he LOVED it. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of him!!

Friday: We taught law of chastity to an old less active lady in the ward & Sister Delap thought it was super awkward but I loved it. hahaha 
She looked at us and said, "Girls, mah plumbin don't work anyways. I couldn't have sex if I tried!" Hahhaha I loved it. 
I also got a new nick-name from our investigators daughter, Heidi. She calls me Sista Walkie. Hahhaah so freakin adorable.

Saturday: Sister Delap and I put on a last minute baptism for Arielle Bloomfield and it was flawless. I was so amazed with ourselves. 
The ward mission leader couldn't make it so we filled up the font by ourselves, set up the chairs by ourselves, got programs made and everything else.. by ourselves!!
Can I just tell you.. it is the most wonderful feeling in the world to know that I am an instrument in God's hands. I am helping His children come home to Him.
Arielle has a very special place in my heart & I hope one day you can meet her (: She's 15 and adopted, just like me! 
Then after the baptism we went to Culvers to celebrate. If you haven't gone there, do it! Get their concrete mixers. YUM!!!

And then comes Sunday: Usually we love Sundays but this Sunday was transfer calls. 
Let me explain to you a bit about transfer calls. 

Transfer calls begin around 8:00pm 
If you get a call from President you or your companion are either training or you are getting a leadership position.
If you get a call from the AP's you or your companion are getting transferred.
If you don't get a call, you and your companion are staying. 

So 2 transfers ago when I was still with Sister Cook, We received a call from President telling me that I would be training Sister Delap (: 
And last transfer we didn't get a call because we obviously stayed together (: 
But Sunday night we were hovering over the phone waiting for it to light up with either Presidents name or the AP's..
And when It rang, it said PRESIDENT KILLPACK! So that means either Sister Delap is training, which would be insane.. 
Either I'm training again.. or one of us is getting a leadership position.
So President small talks and then gets down to the neety-greety and says, 
"Sister Delap you are saying here and getting Sister Garner as a companion and Sister Walker, are you ready for this one?"
"Oh great President... Lay it on me!" (: 
Then he does his cute giggle and says, "You are being transferred to be with Sister Fuller in North Stake to be over the Tortolia AND Country Side Wards."
"But wait I'm not finished Sister Walker... We also would like to call you as a Sister Training Leader." 
"I have faith in you Sister Walker. You've been through a lot over your mission and we think this will be very beneficial to the mission.
But most importantly, the Lord has faith in you, and He is there for you always. So what do ya say?"
"Okay President, I would be happy to be a Sister Training Leader."


So let me explain to you what a Sister Training Leader is:
A Zone Leader is an Elder who is over the ZONE and they give trainings to missionaries and they go on exchanges each week to train missionaries & help them become more effective. 
But what about the sisters? Elders can't go with Sisters!!
So that is where a Sister Training Leader comes in handy (: 
She does the exact same thing as a zone leader (: She gives trainings to missionaries (elders and sisters) during zone meetings, 
Goes on exchanges with the other sisters in the zone to help build their confidence and to help them be more effective
And goes to Missionary Leadership Convention where all the leadership in the mission get together and plan how to help the mission bloom. 
Can you believe it?!?? I honestly was nervous at first, but then I realized how blessed I truly am!
The Lord is trusting me to help His work progress and He needs to me be there as a support to these Sister Missionaries. 
How did I get so darn lucky? (: 

So here I am in North Stake with Sister Fuller who is also a Sister Training Leader. She is from Portland Oregon and is just great. 
I'm excited to get to know her and to not only serve as a Sister Training Leader, but also have the responsibility of serving over TWO wards!! 
Dad, that means 7:00 to 4:00. 10 hours of church. I do NOT want to hear any more complaining (: hahaha 

I love you guys so much. 
And i'm so blessed to have you as my support. 
I feel your love each and every day from the moment I wake up (: 
Thanks for the sacrifice you give and for all you do. 

Tell Keaton that I say hello (: 
I wish he would write me.. I have no idea what is going on in his life. hahaha 
Oh well.. teenage boys. 

Have a great week. 
Love always, 
Sister Kellee Walker

Deuteronomy 1:29,30
"...Dread not, neither be afraid of them.
The Lord your god, which goeth before you, He shall fight for you..."

Arielle's Baptism

Aren't we just the cutest!

Sister Dredge and Sister Delap

Two reactivated members

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