Monday, February 24, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - February 24, 2014

Hi There Folks - February 24, 2014

Okay so I have sooooo much to tell you!! This week was incredible! I'm afraid I wont have enough time to even tell you all the exciting things that happened so bare with me because I have a feeling this email is going to be all over the place. 

So first things first. My birthday is comin up!! And my 9 month mark!! Holy crap how did that happen?!! 20 years old... ew that just sounds so bizarre. The only things I can think of that I reallyneeeeeed are pictures of you guys, like your adventures and such, I would love a copy of my farewell talk if you still have that, and my rose lip balm from bath and body works. I don't need ANY lotion, I just got a ton from a member in the ward. But anyways, The lip balm is called Rose Salve and it's in a little tin case. Other than that, I really don't need anything. Mostly because I've kinda been spendy at Target the past few weeks. They have had some AWESOME sales on short sleeved shirts, so I buy them. And now I'm a total babe missionary. hahaha just kidding.. but really.

Okay so let's get down to business. This week Sister Delap and I were able to go on exchanges with our 'Sister Training Leaders' And our Sister Trainers are Sister Dredge (My trainer) And SisterEmbry! I got to spend the whole day with SIster Embry and we actually accomplished soooo much!! I even managed to run over a mouse.... And teach 6 lessons (: 

I got my valentines package from Brendan!! I think we might be in love.. hahah (: It makes me rather happy. I am so very excited for things to fall into place when I get home. In his package he sent me a teddy bear and it is the most cuddliest bear i've ever cuddled. Besides Ted of course. 

THEN (this is the coolest part) Sister Delap and 6 other Elders were asked to attend a City Hall Recognition for President Thies, our Stake President!! So we got to drive into the heart of Tucson and see all the ghetto-ness and we went and got FRO YO and all had a great time together!! I don't know if you remember me telling you but Elder Donaldson went to highschool with me and the same YSA ward and we are in the same District AGAIN!! And he was with us when we went adventuring in Tucson. It was really cool to represent the Church. I was honored when President Thiesasked Sister Delap and I out of all the other Sisters he could have asked! We just have a great relationship, that's all.

2 funny stories.
1) On Tuesday, I believe it was.. Sister Delap and I were EXHAUSTED!! And we were going to take a nap for lunch but then decided to eat food instead so we didn't get our nap and I have to drive everywhere because my comp doesn't have a drivers licence. And we had a half hour drive to our investigators house and we were pretty early, so we decided to pull over in a little nook away from the street and take a short little nap. So we pulled over, locked the doors and pushed our seats back and set the alarm for 10 minutes. Not even 5 minutes later we hear a BAM BAM BAM BAMBAM BAM BAM. It was the freaking Elders.. They basically made me pee my pants!! Not really but it scared me soooo bad! And the whole time they were just laughing and laughing and laughing. We are going to get them back.. mark my words!!

2) Every Wednesday and Friday morning, we go outside and play Basketball with a few sisters and Elder Taylor and Elder O'Shai for our exercise hour. Well we were the first people out there and there is an Owl (Probably Owlvin) just chillin all cute on a branch not to far away. Well there is a creepy lookin crow making the most awful noise just squawking away. The owl decided to just fly right on over to the crow, head butt him and tell him, "Dude, Shut up" Then he flew over to where we were and landed on the fence and glowered at us. I told Sister Delap that he looked like he was in a pretty bad mood. Now i'm even more afraid of birds. Great.

Also, at the time, it wasn't really funny but now it is really funny.
So we get to church and everyone is finding their Pew to sit in and usually they would have opened the overflow curtains by now but they hadn't so we didn't really think anything of it, until the room started to get really REALLY crowded. And the bishop gets up and says, "Hey, so uhm we would open the overflow, but some one put a bike lock on the doors.. so please scoot as closely as you can so we can fit everyone." Just imagine a hot, squishy baby infested chapel for an hours time. It was actually really funny. People were really annoyed.

OH! Investigator wise, we have 3 new investigators so that makes 7 investigators and 4 of them have baptism dates for march! YAY MARCH!

Okay so that basically sums up my week. 

I Hope your guy's week is full of adventures and stuff.
Dad, you asked if the weather was warming up? Well it never got cold. hahah it has been in the 70's the past 2 months. But yes it has been getting warmer!! Last week it was in the 80's and we actually hit the 90's for a little bit there. CRAZY HEAT. I love it.
Okay bye.

Love always, Your sweet Sister Missionary, Kellee jo

Gotta love some Fro Yo!

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