Monday, February 3, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - February 3, 2014

Hola Familia
February 3, 2014

Acts 17:27-29 (JST)
That they should seek the Lord, if they are willing to find him for he is not far from every one of us. For in him we live and move and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also his offspring. Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver or stone, graven by art and man's device.

This week has been pretty casual. But it's been a good casual week!! The craziest thing that happened this week was that our ward boundaries changed and we lost 100(ish) of our members and less actives including Sharon & Donella.... our recent converts. But they will make great friends in the Bonanza Ward so I don't need to stress over it. Elder Donaldson (from my same High school & YSA ward) is in the Bonanza Ward so they will be just fine and dandy. Brendan knows him so he can vouch for me! Hahah

OH WAIT! I just remembered something else crazy that happened!! Our apartment is in the East Stake so we have to drive about 10 minutes to actually enter our Ward but we live in a pretty sketchy apartment complex and our neighbor (who we've come to the conclusion that she is schizophrenic) got arrested! We got to watch the whole thing from our deck and it was so entertaining! It was like watching TV but even better. She was in her footie pajama's and kept saying over and over again, "I'm diabetic!! You can't take me to prison!" From what we gathered, her boy friend bought her a watch and she was all paranoid that the watch had a camera in it and that he was always watching her.  Yeah, like I've said many times.. Tucson is crazy.

Sister Delap and I have a pet cacti fruit. His name is tubby and I attached a picture for you to see him. He's a little cutie pie.  They grow on top of pretty much any kind of cactus but Tubby came from a barrel cactus. We opened one of them to see what was inside and probably like 17 black seeds fell out and a bunch of SLIME. Like really runny boogers is how Sister Delap explained it. HAHAHAH Sister Delap & I have lots of fun together. We like to make jello and blow bubbles and paint our nails. So many funs were had this week.

So we have been having a little bit of a rough time with investigators this week. Nicole informed us that she is moving back to away and doesn't want to get baptized.. but we are still working with her, so we won't give up!! Brother Weston is doing amazing though. He has a baptism date for Feb 22!! He got in a motorcycle accident a year ago and he forgot nearly everything so his wife has been teaching him about his life and she brought up religion and she is LDS and he had never had an interest in Mormons before but for some reason he all of the sudden is interested so we have been teaching him, but we have to teach him very simply and very slowly. Which I'm good at (: So it's great. We took Sister Killpack (the Mission President's wife) to a lesson with him and she had a lot of great things to say about how I teach!! Being a missionary & especially a trainer is so much fun. You would be proud!

Our mission is doing something really special that I want to tell you about. It's called a 40 day fast. Don't freak out mom, I'm not going to have to fast for 40 days!! As a mission, all the missionaries fasted yesterday for our individual investigators and less actives and then we are all assigned as a district, one day out of 40 to fast for other missionaries & their investigators. So everyday, someone is going to be fasting for me and my investigators. It is going to bring us soooo close as a mission. I am really excited.

Dad, you mentioned Sister Culley who was in Morgan's ward? Well crazy, but I did get to meet her! And Sister Delap, my current companion was in the same District in the MTC with Sister Culley. CRAZY small world. I love it.

Keaton, I have a riddle for you & dad to figure out!

What is more evil than the Devil but is more Powerful than God? Poor people have it, but rich people don't and if you eat it, you'll die.
What is it?

Also mom, sorry i used so much money on my credit card last week. I had a blond moment and got confused with my cards and accidentally used my credit card instead of my missionary card. they look really similar. I'll be more careful i promise!!

Thank you for all the pictures. I just love them to pieces! They bring big smiles to my face. Tell Morgan i say HELLO and Lexi too. I miss her a lot & it hurts my heart that I still haven't heard from her.

I love you all so much.
(especially you Keaton!) You're a stud.

Introducing Tubby!

Sometimes missionaries blow bubbles in their rooms just for fun

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