Monday, February 17, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - February 17, 2014

February 17, 2014

Hey Familia!!!

First of all I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the Valentines Package!! It made me smile so bigggg! You should have seen my face when I opened it and saw Finn and Jake. We got a pretty good picture so I will try to figure out how to attach it. These computers are too high tech for me. It's weird.. everything is changing. And mom thank you so much for the loooooong amazing letter. I loved reading about all the things you do in a day and about Keaton's life. He doesn't tell me much about it so i'm glad at least you will tell me!! And Dad! I loved the valentines card you sent me!! It was the most adorable thing i've ever laid eyes on. haha I liked how on the back it said, "Made at Joes Desk" That was pretty great! Did you come up with the poem?

Any who.. I loved all the pictures you sent me!! I can't believe how different everything is looking! The huge tree is gone, the kitchen looks like not even our house!! And Keaton is a freakin beast!! When did he get so tall?!?? I don't think I like that very much. hahaha it looks like Morgs birthday was so fun! She looks happy! And I'm glad that her birthday letter came right on her birthday! I'm getting good at this mail thing! Brendan on the other hand.. hahaha He said he sent me a valentines package and it should get here by Valentines and it isn't here yet. So i'm patiently waiting (: I'm getting really good at patience!!

Okay so let me tell you a little about this week. It was a strange one, that's for sure!! Sister Delap and I ran around like wild animals trying our hardest to talk to everyone and visit less actives and do service for members all week long and NO ONE WAS HOME. How lame right? Like literally no one was home. We taught only like 12 lessons this week and that is pretty bad. But I think the fact that we followed promptings is showing God our willingness to obey and to have faith in Him so then when there really is someone who is ready for the message we share, we will be lead right to them because we are getting pro at listening to the spirit. YAY!

Also, Sister Delap and I walked into our apartment earlier this week late at night (for missionaries)  and we flipped on the light, turn around and HELLO!! A giant cockroach the size of babies foot was just chillin on the wall like a boss. I freaked out like a dramatic little girl and made Sister Delap get rid of Him. So she casually goes over to the closet, gets the vacuum and walks over to the little nasty and then AHHH he freaking squeezed his little crusty body inside our heater vent.... I decided at that point that his name would be Lucifer. So then the pest control man came a few days later and alas, we haven't seen one since. Freakin bugs.

Okay another story. So you remember my cute little pet Tubby? The yellow cutie sittin on our cars dashboard? Well we decided he needed a wife so we found the most adorable one we could find and named her Bianca and we had a lovely wedding ceremony and reception in the dirt with a pebble walk way for the bride. I took pictures so I will try to attach those as well.

Also, I need to tell you about my hilarious dream I had the other night. So before I tell you my dream, I need to preface a little bit. We had dinner with a family in the ward, The Richards. And we some how got talking about cancer and specifically prostate cancer.. I don't remember why. anyways back to the dream. So I remember I was in an interview with President Killpack and I was talking with him about all my concerns and worries and fears and he gasped and grabbed my arm and said, "Sister Walker.. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. I'm afraid you have... APOSTATE Cancer........" And in my dream i just started crying and saying, "WHY?!??" All dramatic like. And then he patted my back and said, "Do the best with the time you have left." Then I woke up and told Sister Delap and we giggled for a long time about Apostate Cancer.

On the more spiritual side of things, I think I told you about the Mission Wide 40 Day Fast that is taking place and how each district is assigned one day out of the 40 to fast for the entire mission. Well our day was the 15th and it was amazing to see all the miracles that happened on that day. Even though like no one was home, we were still able to talk with a lot of people and give them an opportunity to listen to our message. And also, for some reason, ward council was cancelled yesterday so we had like 3 hours unplanned so as a companionship, we prayed together to know what to do and then we wrote on separate pieces of paper 3 names and you'll never guess what? All 3 of the names were the same, in the same order. So we started with the first lady & she was home so we got to share a message with her. Then the second lady has been so hard to get a hold of but she was home!! And the third gentle man was a potential we have been trying to visit so we went to his house and he was outside (: It is just so amazing how those little miracles give you the boost you need to keep pressing forward.

This week has been really great. Slow, but really great.
I'm really feeling the love from home. Thanks for that.

I love you all so much and pray for you as often as I can.
Love always, Sister Walker

PS: My birthday is coming up.. and I'll be 20.... I don't really like that. So lets just not celebrate and maybe I won't have to give up my teenage years. (: I really don't think I need anything in particular.. Maybe just a mix of moms hot cocoa that we usually make on Christmas. I've been craving that lately. (:

I Love my Valentines!

The big bug is hiding in there!

Tubby and Bianca on their wedding day!  Can you feel the love?

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