Monday, January 27, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - January 27, 2014

What a Wonderful Week

January 27, 2014

Sharon & Donella's baptism was fantastic. One of the best ones that I have been to thus far on my mission. They were a tough case to crack, but in God's timing, they came around & received the answers they have been searching for & were able to make sacred covenants with God. The ward has done amazing at friend-shipping them & including them in activities. I just love this ward sooooo much. Especially Bishop Beeston. He is an amazing man & reminds me so much of Bishop Veenker. I really look up to their dedication & the sacrifices they make to support the ward.

My companion is amazing. She is from Atlanta, Georgia and we might be related some how because she said that her great grandpa or something used to be a Walker but changed his last name after a family dispute. So who knows!! But she is awesome. We get to geek out together about Adventure Time and other cartoons like Avatar the Last Airbender and the stars and space. It's awesome. She was in the MTC for 6 weeks because she is actually going to Brazil, she is just waiting for her Visa. But I am so so so lucky to be training her. Who knew training could be so fun!! I am learning a lot about myself and a lot about my strengths as a teacher. I just love it & I love the feeling of working hard together to accomplish God's work. It's wonderful.

There is a quote I loooooved. It says,

"If we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us. This is not to say that we should abandon hope or tamper our goals. NEVER stop striving for the best that is in you.  NEVER stop hoping for all of the righteous desires of your heart. But don't close your eyes and hearts to the simple and elegant beauties of each days ordinary moments that make up a rich, well-lived life." President Uchtdorf

This week has just been a really good one. I have realized a lot about God's will for myself and as I've acted upon His will, we have truly seen the blessings. We have 3 baptismal dates set for February 22 which is soooo amazing and we have been able to reactivate 3 people which is just as important as baptisms.

Life is good & I am happy.

Since my time is up, Remind me to tell you my 12:15 story. HAHAHA

Love you guys & have so much fun at the cabin!!


 Pretty sure this picture was added just for Kellee's daddy 

It's all about starting the day with a good healthy breakfast! 

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