Monday, May 12, 2014

Sister Kellee Walker's Tuscon, Arizona Mission - May 12, 2014

Hello Folks

May 12, 2014

Oh man it was sooooooo great to talk with you all & see you!!
We are very blessed to have the technology that we do (:

There was one thing I was going to mention but forgots.. haha
Could you send me my SD card back? 
The one I'm using is just about full :( 

I hope you had a good mothers day mama.
I sure do miss you and I'm so grateful for all you do and for all the love you show me.
Man, I cannot wait to be with you again (:
There is sooo much to catch up on!!

I also wrote a little poem I wanted to share with you!!

I Know He is Always There.
by Sister Walker

Sometimes I feel so far away
And don't know how to feel,
His loving arms surround me all
And make my heart feel whole.
I know deep down He's always there
To love and show the way.
"But how," I ask, "do I feel Him near?"

"Just pray dear one." I hear Him say,
"And I'll always be right there.
I'll lead you through the darkest days
That seem to never end.
Strive each day to be like me
And learn about my Son.
I'm here for you my dear sweet child,
I promise I'll never leave.
I always want to best for you,
You have no greater friend."

And now I know with all my soul,
That Father is always near.
I can call on Him both day and night,
I have no greater friend.

Have a great week folks (:

I love you so!!

Love always Sister Walker

ps: we decided last night as a zone to hold out on the caving until next week!

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