Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sister Kellee's First week in Tucson! June 24, 2013

Her Cute Sister Companions! In the middle is Sis D, from Draper (Yeah! close) and she is their 12 week Trainer. Sis O is the other newbee from New York:) (I think there will be a road trip after her mission to visit!  What a great excuse for our family to go to the Hill Comorah pageant!)   They look like REAL siblings!

Her Mission President Brother and Sister Killpack, from Delta, Utah.  How cool is that! When she gets home, she can just drive down to visit them!!!!
The whole crew that arrived on June 24th.  18 Sisters and 10 Elders.  The biggest group this President ever had arrive on one day!  GOOOO Sisters!!! (and Elders:) They all arrived on one small plane.

Just some thoughts from her letters...
"As a District, we have a goal of teaching 20 lessons a week and in my companionship, we taught 30!!  How incredible is that !  We teach lessons to people we meet on the street, less active and Members.  We mostly just listen to the spirit when we teach and it is incredible how much I've learned.  I'm getting more brave at confronting people and not getting my feelings hurt when they slam the door in my face.  HA and I'm really just having a blast.  The temperature was 122.  The members told us that the temperature broke a record!!  
We are teaching an Indian (he's from India!) named Ali.  He got sent to the United States when he found out he had cancer and the day we knocked on his door, he had just received the news that he had beaten cancer!!  He told us there was a reason God kept him on the earth and he knows it was because he needed to hear our message!  He has a hard time speaking English but he can feel the spirit and I think that's enough.  We ordered him an Arabic Book of Mormon and we're just taking the lessons slow so he can understand.  He was a Vet back in his home and he had a pet LION!!! Ali holds a special place in my heart because I was the one who knocked on his door!!
Also, Elder Donaldson was in my YSA ward back home and he went to my high school and he is in my ZONE!! That means we get to have dinner together every night and go to the same church   It's funny when people find out that we already know each other. 
 We are assigned to the more poor side of the city.  The houses here are sooo sad Mom.  These people are kinda miserable and not very willing to hear what we have to say.  It's sad to see the poor conditions they live in.  When you said that it would be like a third world country in some areas, I didn't expect it to literally be like that.  But it just makes me SO grateful for what I have."

Then on Monday, July 1st, Joe had to call Kellee's Mission President with some very, very sad news.  It's even hard for me to write this now... and its been a few weeks.  This is why there have been no posts for a bit.  
On Sunday, June 31st, our very good family friend of 24 years died in his sleep.  Taylor Wright, the Son of Paul and Lisa and the Brother of Morgan, our very bestest buds, went home to his Heavenly Father.  
It was hard not to be with our Kellee when she received this news.  I needed to be there to hold her... but needed to trust in my Heavenly Father that he would be able to comfort her through others.  I'm soooo glad that they are in a tri-companionship, it took the strenghth of all three Sister's to help Kellee through this sad event.  After a Priesthood Blessing for her comfort, they all three knew they needed to get back to work harder and harder. 
 Kellee said, "Mom, my heart is VERY heavy, I cried and cried and cried.  I don't know why I cried so much.  I think perhaps because I can't be there for Morgan, (our best family friends for over 28 years).  She has gone through SO much and now I can't even be there to give her my love.  That absolutely breaks me to pieces.  Give my love to them please.  PLEASE.  I've been praying all day for their family and the District here is praying as well, so hopefully they will be able to feel of our love."

What a strong little Sister Walker that is so Faithfully and Obediently willing to serve her Heavenly Father.  
We LOVE you Taylor, and will be on our best behavior so we can be with you again:)

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