Monday, July 8, 2013

Kellee's" 11" Whole Days in the Missionary Training Center!!!!

Kellee seemed to  LOVE her whirlwind stay at the MTC. 
 Her statement was, "Things here are crazy!!! My schedule is go go go go all day, non stop!  I sleep a good 8 hours, but I'm still wasted by the end of the night.  I got a top bunk and it's pretty awesome, except making the bed is really difficult.  (Hummm, notice the words, 'making the bed'- which NEVER happened at home!)  We had a MOUSE in our room.  Our room is in the newer dorms, but somehow we got a mouse in our room!  He was a cure little fellow that just snuck under the door, he probably wanted food.  Because you know what happens when you give a mouse a COOKIE....HA!! (probably one of Aunt Mary Ann's cookies!)
This is her 'take' on the MTC food,
 "You'll be so proud of me!  I have been eating pretty much ALL the food they serve.  They give you a lot of options, so I can always find something to eat!:)  They also have BYU ice cream every Wed and Sunday.  I LOVE IT.  And every type of cereal you could imagine.  They also let you have coke for breakfast (no caffeine though)."  
Well, I'm sooo glad that the MTC is letting my Daughter choose what she wants to eat.  It sounds like a very(?) well rounded and nutritional diet.... ice cream, cold cereal, and coke for breakfast..Yeah:(.  That is probably why she told me later that she had gained 10...yes, 10 pounds in the MTC!  I thought I was a good cook, but not as good as coke and ice cream for breakfast!!
She enjoyed the "Spirit" she was able to feel at the MTC, 
 "Mommy, i really think you'd love it here, The spirit is so constant!  I've almost forgotten what it feels like to not have that constant feeling, it's completely amazing.....   I won't lie, it is really different. I'm not going to say hard, because its only hard if you're not willing to try.  I've learned to really rely on Gods support.  He has been with me these past few days and I know he's the reason I'm still here.  You have to have 100% faith that you can do it.  I really LOVE it here Mom!  I'm a little unorganized, but I'm happy Mom.  Christ is here. I'm blessed to have his presence with me constantly!!!  And thank you for your Prayers, I feel them daily and that's what keeps me going.  I remind myself that this is the way the Lord wants us to learn, then accept it and soak everything in.  Don't dwell on the rules, on the time, on the people at home.  Like Bishop said, Just BE OBEDIENT.  Its cool to see how Obedience has already blessed my life this far......Now the days are FLYING and I'm just really excited to get out in the field and meet all those people who have been prepared by God for me!!"

We love Kellee Dearly, she has brightened our home, even when she has been away!
I hope your group LOVED the JDAWGS package!  It was fun trying to get it to the MTC still warm! And the Cookie package from the Dolinar's, and all the other Daily packages.  It kept me busy, and healed my heart to serve you!
Aside from a few Camera problems, and needing to send some of her LARGER items home to make luggage weight, a torn-brand new purse/bag, double ticketing of her flight at the airport, her lost luggage that didn't make it with her to Tucson, AZ, (yes, Delta can get luggage all around the world, but apparently not to Tucson!!)  She made it to Tucson!! on June 24, 2013:)

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